Image4_e-mark create
The e-mark create makes printing labels or dressing up a letter so much easier COLOP


  • COLOP's e-mark printer line brings printers into the 21st century
  • The e-mark is ideal for business owners who need to print quick labels or barcodes
  • The e-mark create is perfect for the crafty person who wants to add a little flair to projects

Laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices have proven that the world is transitioning to become more and more mobile. However, the printer has seemingly been stuck in the past. That’s changing thanks to the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create, full-color printers that can fit into the palm of your hand.


The e-mark create is an arts and crafts dream come true, but has so many more applications beyond simple crafts. By connecting to an app on your phone, the e-mark create is capable of printing out whatever designs you come up with, and can print them on a variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard and even wood.

Image5_e-mark create APP
An example of the e-mark create app and its pre-made templates COLOP

While e-mark create is geared towards home use and crafting, the original e-mark is more business-oriented. The regular e-mark has its own special app and some additional features such as the ability to connect to a Windows PC. Additionally, the regular e-mark’s app includes the ability to generate QR and barcodes, which should allow for easier inventory management.

The e-mark create’s app, on the other hand, includes pre-made templates and ideas along with all the tools to create your own designs. The app allows for importing images, so if there’s something you already made on other software you can apply it to whatever you want with ease.

Once a design is selected in either app, the app sends the data to the e-mark via Wi-Fi. When the e-mark is all ready to go, all you need to do is slide the printer sideways across the surface of whatever you are printing on. Both the e-mark and e-mark create use HP Inkjet technology, and run on one HP ink cartridge.

Image3_e-mark in use
An e-mark printer in use COLOP

While it is theoretically possible to use the e-mark or e-mark create as a full printer, it seems like it would be more hassle than it is worth. The e-mark line is more focused on small-scale printing of labels or stamps instead of full documents or other sheets of paper.

Both the e-mark and e-mark create are available right now, but pricing is a little scattered. On Amazon, the e-mark is currently available for $348, but can be found at other retailers like Staples for around $400. The e-mark create is less expensive than the original, and can be found on Amazon for around $270 right now.