[BADGE]The Cleer ALPHA headset features an advanced noise cancellation system that adapts to the wearer's environment


  • ALPHA features advanced noise cancellation that adapts to the wearer's environment
  • The headset comes with the means for both high-quality audio input and output 
  • ALPHA's settings can be tweaked via Cleer's proprietary app

Among the latest additions to their advanced line of wireless audio solutions, Cleer has introduced their next-gen headphones that sports an all-new feature for maximum comfort without sacrificing sound quality.

Cleer’s ALPHA headphones is designed to keep any and all unwanted noise at bay with its cutting-edge Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling feature that’s perfect for those who want to completely immerse themselves in music, games or other media. This, along with a handful of other features, warranted the ALPHA the 2022 CES Innovations Honoree Award and International Business Times's "Best of CES 2022" badge for the headphones’ astonishing design.

Here, we’ll take a look at what makes the Cleer ALPHA tick and why it’s as good as it appears on paper.

Cleer ALPHA Notable Features

The Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling (A-ANC) feature is the star of this new headphone design. A-ANC is an interesting bit of technology because, as its name suggests, it is able to dynamically change how much noise cancellation the headphones can provide at any given moment depending on how much noise wearers are experiencing.

This adaptive technology means users will be able to comfortably enjoy their media regardless of where they are. Built-in 40mm ironless drivers help enhance the listening experience by providing clear and pristine audio quality with zero drawbacks. With Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility and 35-hours’ worth of playback, ALPHA is perfect for users who are out and about.

Cleer pushes the envelope even further by implementing Dirac’s Virtuo audio solution to create ultra-immersive soundscapes. Virtuo is simple but elegant in its approach to creating unforgettable sound experiences, foregoing complicated 3D encoding formats in favor of a more straightforward approach that achieves the same end result.

This means that ALPHA is able to provide amazing audio quality without forcing buyers into paying top-dollar for more expensive but relatively similar experiences.

Lastly, Cleer ALPHA comes with Qualcomm cVc (clear voice capture) technology to provide its users with a clear line of communication with users on other devices.

The Cleer+ App

The ALPHA headset is compatible with Cleer’s dedicated app, which can be used to control specific device settings to further tailor a user’s listening experience.

One of the main advantages of this app is the reduction of the overall physical buttons that users need to press in order to manipulate their headphone settings. With less buttons to fiddle with, Cleer ALPHA has already proven itself to be an innovator in its field.

The app also provides users with a higher degree of customizability in terms of headphone settings, especially when it comes to adjusting how A-ANC works. Through this app, users can fine-tune how much ambient noise gets past the headphones’ noise cancellation feature. Of course, settings like volume and sound quality can also be changed through the app as well.

Lastly, the Cleer+ App allows the headset to receive firmware updates, keeping it up to date an all the latest changes.

The Verdict

Cleer outdid themselves with the ALPHA’s impressive stack of features and the sheer value of the benefits the headset can provide to users who are looking for a top-shelf wireless audio device. The unique noise cancellation system and the plethora of Quality-of-Life features has earned the ALPHA headphone our Best of CES 2022 badge.

The Cleer ALPHA headset features an advanced noise cancellation system that adapts to the wearer's environment
The Cleer ALPHA headset features an advanced noise cancellation system that adapts to the wearer's environment Cleer