“The Challenge: Rivals 3” winner Sarah (Rice) Patterson made some big allegations about her partner at the MTV reunion show. During the taping at the network’s headquarters in New York City on July 12, attended by International Business Times, Sarah alleged that Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, her “Rivals 3” teammate, was caught with drugs during the final. However, MTV says there is no proof to back up her claims. 

In front of a studio audience Sarah claimed that Johnny was found with Adderall, which is typically used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, in his possession during the final episodes. Sarah, who hinted Johnny may have used said substance to help him perform better during the competition, alleged the network fined the six-time “Challenge” winner $5,000 for the incident. No other “Challenge” cast members at the taping admitted to seeing Johnny get fined, and the “Rivals 3” winner had some choice words for his co-star after the fact.

“Lose with class, man,” Johnny told his partner. 

Sarah went on to say she didn’t care if MTV decided to cut her statement out of the broadcast but wanted those in attendance to know what happened. However, a rep for the show tells IBT “there is and has not been any truth or proof to prove this” in response to Sarah’s claims. 

Sarah also had some shocking comments to make about the rest of the “Rivals 3” cast during the taping. During one particularly loud segment Sarah spoke directly to audience members, questioning her co-stars’ sanity. “This isn’t real,” she said. “These people are out of their fricken minds. They need therapy.” 

Sarah’s comments come on the heels of a treacherous finale. Despite placing first alongside Johnny on Wednesday night’s installment a twist announced in episode 13 allowed him, her team’s best-performing player, to choose whether he would keep all the prize money for himself or share it with her. After telling Sarah he didn’t plan to backstab her, he did just that in episode 14, leaving her to go home empty handed while he collected $275,000.

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