A Malaysian woman narrowly escaped from being hurt after her charging smartphone exploded beside her while she was sleeping.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the woman said she was fast asleep when the phone exploded “in the middle of a dream.” She got up and noticed that her curtain and pillow were on fire. She then saw a “flash of fire” and bent down to find the phone on the floor. The woman immediately turned off the switch connected to the charger. By then, her entire apartment was filled with smoke. She said her sister heard her screams and quickly opened the door because of which she escaped unhurt.

The woman advised people to not charge the phones overnight as “things could go seriously wrong.” She added that she still feels the chills down her spine when she thinks about the incident. The brand of the phone was not known.

In a similar incident earlier this year, a Malaysian woman almost lost her life after her smartphone exploded while she was sleeping. Less than half an hour after going to bed, the 58-year-old woman heard a loud sound similar to that of a firecracker. She then noticed sparks coming from her smartphone. She switched on the lights and saw a black powder-like substance coming out of her smartphone. She said the device was just beside her pillow and was not plugged-in.

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Representational image AFP/Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski