• Charles LeClerc says contract talks will not destabilize Sebastian Vettel
  • Vettel's contract is scheduled to end after 2020 season
  • There are rumors he may go to McLaren and Carlos Saiz will become LeClerc's new teammate

Charles Leclerc, one of the lead drivers on the Ferrari Formula 1 team, rubbished suggestions that contract talks would destabilize his teammate Sebastian Vettel when the 2020 season eventually begins.

Though Ferrari has renewed their contract with LeClerc up to the end of 2024, Vettel’s contract is scheduled to end after the 2020 season.

Last year, the German had to dispel rumors the 2019 season would be the last he would race for Scuderia.

The team boss, Mattia Binotto, claimed he would begin talks with Vettel in May after the first few races concerning the way forward.

It is clearly on hold considering the postponement of the season championship in adherence to the coronavirus threat.

In the meantime, though, rumors concerning Vettel’s future with the team abound, hinting that he may be looking to McLaren. In that case, it would be a switch with Carlos Sainz junior who would take his seat at Ferrari.

LeClerc, though doubts any of these rumors are going to interfere with the team dynamic or throw Vettel of his game when the season finally starts. He told media outlets he feels lucky to be in a position where he has a long term contract and is happy to be in that position.

He also added that he is aware of the position Vettel is in considering the last two years with Ferrari were based on one year-long contracts. However, Vettel is a veteran driver, so LeClerc does not believe such a trivial thing will matter to him.

LeClerc does admit that there have been some tricky moments as Vettel’s teammate, especially during the past season. There were times when their rivalry did not serve the best interests of the team.

It came to a head when the pair crashed out together during the Brazilian Grand Prix after a tactical error.

He does emphasize that the relationship has always been good with Sebastian, though.

The season championship has been postponed until June when the FIA and Formula 1 estimated activity would safely be able to return to normal.

Until then, Grand Prix races have been canceled, and an E-Sports version of the Formula races has been instituted in place. The virtual race renders scenarios of the race venues, including Bahrain, which was this past weekend.

Formula 1 drivers, including Lando Norris and Nico Hulkenberg, participated alongside various celebrities from around the world in a no holds barred tournament.

Sebastian Vettel Pixabay