A man poses with the new issue of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo entitled "Tout est pardonné" ("All is forgiven"), which shows a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, at a café in Nice, southern France, Jan. 14, 2015. The first edition of Charlie Hebdo published after the deadly attacks by Islamist gunmen sold out within minutes at newspaper kiosks around France on Wednesday, with people queuing up to buy copies to support the satirical weekly. A print run of up to 3 million copies has been set for what has been called "the survivors' edition," dwarfing the usual 60,000 run. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Charlie Hebdo’s first issue since the deadly attack at its Paris office last week that killed 10 members of the satirical newspaper’s staff has already sold out in Paris, with some French shops running out of the issue within minutes. Those still looking for a copy are turning to eBay, where some copies are selling for thousands of dollars.

There are a few issues that started at a low price, such as this issue for $26 and another for $76, but eBay's auction process could see prices increase at any time. One of the more expensive copies is starting its bid at $9,867.89, with a Buy It Now option at $14,672.48. It had 30 viewers per hour and five watchers early on Wednesday.

Sellers are shipping from across the world, including France, Italy, Czech Republic and the United States. A seller from Connecticut sold 73 copies and had six more available. One seller had an auction for a PDF version of the newest issue at $4.99 (shipping was $22). The seller sold 338 copies with 199 viewers per hour.

The cover of Wednesday’s issue, which was created by the surviving staff, shows the Prophet Muhammad on the front, with one tear, holding a sign that says "Je Suis Charlie." The banner above reads “Tout Est Pardonné,” or “All is forgiven” in French.

Because of such high demand, the magazine will be selling a total of 5 million copies, 2 million of which have yet to be released, according to the Independent. That is far more than the 60,000 copies that Charlie Hebdo usually sends to print.

A PDF of the magazine printed in French was published online Wednesday. It can be read here.