Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Reuters

Not only will the Italian magazine Chi publish a 26-page spread of the infamous Kate Middleton photos, the editors have announced that they'll run 50 photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. Chi also purports to be in possession of more than 200 photographs of Middleton topless, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

The magazine will hit newsstands in Europe Monday. The headline on the cover of Chi -- revealed Saturday online by editor Alfonso Signorni -- was laid out in red, reading "Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude!" The update comes the day after Richard Desmond, editor of the Irish Daily Star, implied he would shut down the magazine because of the editors' decision to print the images of Middleton topless.

Signorni didn't seem concerned about such a fate.

"I am convinced by this scoop that Chi will be publishing on Monday because that is what we are talking about. These pictures are not offensive or in poor taste, they are not morbid and they do not damage the dignity of anyone," he told the New York Daily News.

"Instead the pictures that were published in Britain of Prince Harry were exactly that - if I didn't recognize the journalistic value of what I had, then if I did not publish them I would be better off in a market selling artichokes."

Radar Online reported that Signorni tweeted Saturday that "Not even a direct call from the queen" would be enough to reverse his decision to publish the images.

Reports from Fox News have surfaced that lawyers for the royal family will seek an injunction in an attempt to keep the pictures from seeing an even wider distribution. St. James's Palace will reportedly seek damages from Mondadori, which owns Chi and the French magazine Closer, the tabloid that first obtained the pictures. This reaction is very different from the recent images of Prince Harry parting nude in Las Vegas, which were met with a figurative shrug.

The young couple have tried to weather the media storm by continuing their tour of Asia and the Pacific. On Friday they stopped in Borneo long enough to go climbing in the rain forest, according to People. Kate and Prince William were flown by government helicopter to the Danum Valley, where they put on harnesses and raised 130 feet into the air. The trip is a continuation of William's international conservation efforts and to commemorate his grandmother's Diamond Jubilee.

Still, that hasn't done much to settle William's spirit, as noted by Radar. William reportedly told friends he wants to see the paparazzi arrested.

"They will take any action they can within the law to seek redress," a spokesperson for William told Radar. "They've even been clear that they will not allow this to intrude on their enjoyment of the tour, or more importantly their work on behalf of the queen."