Clark Tabor
Clark Tabor's mug shot after he was arrested in an AMC movie theater for criminal threats. Two days after the Aurora shootings, Tabor yelled in the theater "I should go off like in Colorado." NY Daily News

Being loud in a movie theater isn't a crime, unless you say things like Does anyone have a gun? and I should go off like in Colorado, just two days after a mass shooting in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater.

Clark Tabor, 52, of Norwalk, Calif., was arrested for allegedly making those criminal threats in a local AMC movie theater during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, the same film being screened when the Aurora massacre took place.

Making a criminal threat is a felony charge, and Tabor is currently being held on $50,000 bail plus unrelated warrants, police told NBC Los Angeles. Police said Tabor was in the second row of seats, wearing a backpack, when theater security found him, though he had no weapons on him, nor were any found in the theater or surrounding area.

Giving a nearly literal example of yelling fire in a crowded theater, Tabor couldn't have picked a worse time to threaten moviegoers, nor a worse film to do it during. Security has been amplified in many theaters throughout the country, the Paris opening of The Dark Knight Rises was canceled, and even the trailer for Gangster Squad, which showed a crowded movie theater being shot at, was removed from the opening previews.

Reckless comments about guns in public places have always been taken seriously, but enforcement has been ratcheted up since Aurora to a zero-tolerance level. With 12 people left dead and 38 wounded in the malicious assault during The Dark Knight Rises midnight showing, people are in no laughing mood.

Canadian producer and musical performer Deadmau5 -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- got into a Twitter conflict with Playboy model Tricia Evans after he found a joke she tweeted on the topic insensitive.

I heard the new Batman movie is really to die for! Too soon? Evans posted from her account @HollywoodTricia. Deadmau5 replied good to know. @HollywoodTricia i seriously had no idea how big of a piece of s**t you are. unfollowed.

After Deadmau5 deleted the playmate, Evans didn't back down. @deadmau5 Listen, apparently I have a different opinion than u. That doesn't make me a piece of s**t, to which Deadmau5 wrote, @HollywoodTricia so your opinion of the tragedy in Colorado is... humor? not sure how that's convoluted into an opinion.

Tabor, along with Deadmau5 and Evans may be fighting over their First Amendment right to free speech, but the Second Amendment is also coming up in following the Aurora shooting.

Jason Alexander was met with support and criticism after a series of pro-gun control tweets. I cannot understand support for legality of the kind of weapon in this massacre. It's a military weapon.why should it be in non- mil hands? he said.

On the other side, Ice T said in an interview, The right to bear arms is because it's the last form of defense against tyranny. The rapper/actor also added, No criminal is going to say, I was gonna hold up that liquor store, I was gonna hold up that couple in the park, but I couldn't get the permit to get the gun, so I'll give up.