Ex-Bodyguard In Legal Fight Over Michael Jackson's Youngest Son 'Blanket,' Claims To Be The Biological Father

The King of Pop died in 2009 leaving behind his three beloved children. Ever since, an umpteen number of controversies surrounding the custody of the children have popped up time and again. This time it is his former bodyguard Matt Fiddes, who has come forward with the claim that he is the biological father of Michael Jackson’s youngest child, his 10-year-old son “Blanket, whose real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Graphic Tobacco Ads: Appeals Court Hears Case

The government on Tuesday defended graphic tobacco labels and advertising that use pictures of rotting teeth and diseased lungs as accurate and necessary to warn consumers about the risks of smoking.

Arizona Lawmakers Vote To Ban Late-Term Abortions

The measure, passed in the state House of Representatives by a 37-22 vote, would bar healthcare professionals from performing abortions after 20 weeks, except in the case of a medical emergency. The bill now goes to the state's Republican governor for approval.

Jessica Rae Sacco: Did She Ask Matthew Puccio To Stab Her?

The murder of 21-year-old Ohio woman Jessica Rae Sacco has taken on a bizarre twist. Sacco, who had been killed in March, was stabbed, suffocated and dismembered. Five people have been charged with the murder, and one is revealing an odd story to police.

2 White Men Arrested In Tulsa Killings

Oklahoma police said two white men were arrested early Sunday as suspects in shootings that left three people dead and two others critically wounded, all black, in the Tulsa area.

Federal Judge Approves $25B Mortgage Pact

A federal judge approved a $25 billion mortgage settlement with five top U.S. banks over allegations of foreclosure abuses and misconduct in servicing home loans, according to court documents.