Zombie Chinchilla? Man Digs Up Girlfriend's Dead Pet, Sends Her Pictures

An identified 19-year-old female received a shock when her boyfriend, 20-year-old Raymond Williamson, sent her a picture of her dead chinchilla that had died three weeks before. No, the chinchilla is not a zombie pet that rose from the grave. Williamson had dug up his girlfriend's pet after getting into a fight.

Death On NYC Train Station Platform: Who Is William Coyman?

The mysterious death of William Coyman, a retired teamster from Boston, Mass., has raised many questions about the circumstances surrounding the deadly incident. In August, the Beantown teamster stepped off an Amtrak train in New York City and collapsed on the platform at Pennsylvania station.

Emily Herx Fired From Catholic School Teacher After Fighting For 'The Right To Have A Family'

An Indiana teacher was fired from a Roman Catholic school after undergoing in vitro fertilization, which the Church strictly shuns, according to the Associated Press. The 31-year-old former educator, Emily Herx, is filing a lawsuit claiming that her termination last June was a result of discrimination. The case could spark serious legal controversy over reproductive rights and religious rights.

Dad Locks 12-year-old Daughter In Dog Cage: Was it A Joke?

James Tapke, 41, of Ohio, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a misdemeanor charge of binding his 12-year-old daughter with duct tape and locking her in a metal dog cage. Tapke claims the incident, dating back to January, was just a joke.