Lisa Robin Kelly Denies Charges, Fans Call Her 'Crack Head' After 'Scary' Mugshot Goes Viral On Twitter

People who have watched That 70's Show remember Lisa Robin Kelly as a promiscuous, but charming and a bossy sister to the main character Eric Foreman (Topher Grace). The once sexy blonde beauty who was arrested following domestic violence charges filed by her male roommate has denied the charges saying that she has been falsely accused. Also, what has become a popular topic of discussion on social media networks is the Lost Hills Police Station's mug shot image of the actress which...

Cheerleader Sarah Jones Pleads Not Guilty, Victim’s Family Supports Her

Sarah Jones, teacher and captain of the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleading squad appeared in court Monday to face charges of first degree sexual abuse. Jones pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing a student and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or prohibited activities.

Obama Urges Supreme Court To Uphold Health Care Law

I'm confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step in overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically-elected Congress, the president said.

Serial Killer Avoids Death Penalty In Texas, Admits To More Murders in 1990

Robert Rhoades, the serial killer trucker with a torture dungeon, avoided the death penalty in Texas this week when he pleaded guilty to killing newlyweds in 1990. The 66-year-old killer is instead serving two life sentences for his two counts of capital murder. The man, already in an Illinois jail for killing a 14-year-old girl, has no chance of parole.

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth and Metallica Legend, A Birther? [VIDEO]

Dave Mustaine may be one of the greatest rockers of all-time, but during a recent interview with Canadian TV show The Hour to promote his new album 13, the 50-year-old Megadeth frontman admitted his distrust of Obama and where he was born, which would effectively make him a birther.

JetBlue Pilot Who Flipped Out In Midair Charged

Federal authorities filed criminal charges Wednesday against a JetBlue Airways pilot who ranted about religion and the Sept. 11 hijackings and pounded on a locked cockpit door before passengers subdued him in a midair uproar.

High Court Signals Mandate Could Be Split From Law

At issue in Wednesday's morning session was whether the Affordable Care Act should be scrapped altogether if the court determines that the law's requirement that Americans get medical insurance violates the Constitution.