One could be forgiven for mistaking some of the many true wireless earbuds on offer for Apple’s hugely popular AirPods. In fact, to be a bit cynical about it, the similarity is almost certainly part of the business model for certain, less scrupulous companies.

However, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Monday night seized a shipment of 2,000 real OnePlus Buds, believing the legitimate products from a well-known company to be Apple counterfeits, the Verge reports.

“THAT’S NOT AN [apple emoji],” CBP proudly proclaimed in a tweet. “CBP officers at JFK Airport seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods from Hong Kong, valued at $398K had they been genuine.”

In a photo included with the tweet, the OnePlus branding is clearly visible on one of the seized boxes. While tech fans might have a laugh at how similar their Buds look to Apple’s market-ruling products, they are entirely legitimate. Based in Shenzhen, OnePlus is a major electronic producer in China that also produces popular smartphones, wireless chargers, and TVs.

“Hey, give those back!” OnePlus tweeted in response, attempting to approach the embarrassing ordeal with a sense of levity. Later, it poked more phone at the seizure in an ad post, urging followers to “Seize the Day. Seize the music.”

CBP has not yet issued a statement on the gaffe. At this stage, it is not clear why the mix-up happened, be it ignorance on the part of the officers inspecting the shipment or if perhaps the seized shipment was mistakenly listed as containing Apple products.

OnePlus Buds OnePlus Buds are pictured. Photo: OnePlus