“Crackdown 3” is still happening despite previous assumptions claiming Microsoft may have canceled the game.

Recently, preorders for “Crackdown 3” got canceled on Amazon for some unknown reason. Fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that the Xbox One and Windows 10 game was abandoned by Microsoft Game Studios, as per DualShockers.

However, studio director Adam Isgreen has come out to slam the assumptions by confirming that the game is still in active development. Isgreen took to Twitter on Wednesday to explain that the cancellation of preorders on Amazon was merely caused by a glitch.

“Adam sees crazy rumor that ‘Crackdown 3’ is cancelled due to an amazon preorder glitch, thinks ‘Huh, that’s interesting’… as he turns to his dev kit and boots the latest build of ‘Crackdown 3’… (hint: not cancelled),” Isgreen tweeted.

In addition to Isgreen’s confirmation, Xbox Games Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg also reiterated the same thing on the social networking site. “The team continues to work hard on the game for our fans, you should contact Amazon directly for any questions related to orders with them,” Greenberg wrote.

In a follow-up, Greenberg shared that it has already been confirmed that the cancellation of preorders was due to a technical issue. “Team also confirmed this was due to a technical issue on Amazon side and is being addressed. Hope that helps!”

“Crackdown 3” is an upcoming open world shooter that’s being developed by Sumo Digital and will be published by Microsoft. It is one of the first games to use cloud-assisted processing, which will provide the game with physics-based environmental destruction in the multiplayer. This means the quality of action in the game will be significantly better than its predecessors, according to Windows Central.

Ever since the new “Crackdown” game for the Xbox One was announced at E3 2014, there have been reports about “Crackdown 3.” The title was then confirmed at Gamescom 2015. Since then little was heard of the game because of continued delays. Microsoft’s Executive President of Gaming Phil Spencer didn’t even mention a specific release date when he addressed the game earlier this month. Fans will just have to wait for an official update regarding the game’s release.