Portuguese soccer player and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo gained 30 million Instagram followers in 2017, which boosted him to over 116 million people’s accounts following his daily life -- and advertisements. But even more staggering, is the average $416,662 (or £308,000) he makes from each post to the Facebook-owned social network app.

Ronaldo, 32, is now the third-highest paid worldwide celebrity -- per post -- on Instagram.

Rife with advertising deals ranging from Clear Men’s products to Egyptian Steel to his own CR7 fragrances, Ronaldo gains far more money than any other athlete on the planet. The closest professional athlete per post is the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James who pulls in just more than $125,000 for each Instagram post on average (or £92,457).

The Real Madrid footballer hitting 116 million followers in 2017 on the social networking site makes his profile the second-most followed on the platform, trailing only behind the actress and singer Selena Gomez -- who currently has 130 million Instagram followers.

However, regarding just revenue for each Instagram post, Selena Gomez out-earns him with more than $573,000 per post (£424,000), as well as Kim Kardashian, who pulls in in excess of $520,000 (£385,000) for her day-to-day posts. 

Research conducted by HopperHQ, a scheduling app used to automatically post to Instagram, shows Ronaldo as the third highest-paid celebrity in the world from sponsored photos. He is also the third highest-earning male on the entire photo-based social network, Goal first reported. 

A study conducted by Instagram itself reveals that Ronaldo has gained nine million more followers than rival soccer player, Argentinian Lionel Messi. The FC Barcelona athlete's 21 million additions this year puts him at an overall total of 84 million Instagram followers.