• BTC dropped more than 2% as ETH rose 0.17%
  • The biggest gainers included ANKR, ETC, BTG and XEC
  • The biggest losers were FIL, XMR, FTT, ADA, SOL and DOT

The crypto market turned bearish Friday as the market cooled down after the huge gains made Thursday. Most of the cryptocurrencies were red and Ether (ETH) outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) in the last 24 hours.

As per CoinMarketCap data, BTC dropped 2.11% while ETH rose 0.17% in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the prices of the leading cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, were $23,970 and $1,894, respectively, as of 1:13 a.m. ET.

According to an algorithm used by PricePredictions, BTC is expected to reach a maximum price of $43,181.70 by the end of 2022 while ETH's maximum price comes out to be $3,413.98 by the end of 2022.

The top 10 cryptocurrencies turned red Friday with Binance Coin (BNB) down by 2.73% to $323.93; Ripple (XRP) down by 1.64% to $0.3773; Cardano (ADA) down by 2.67% to $0.5298; Solana (SOL) down by 2.14% to $43.35; and Polkadot (DOT) down by 3.06% to $9.23 as of 1:14 a.m. ET.

The biggest gainers in the crypto market as of 1:15 a.m. ET included Ethereum Classic (ETC) up by 7.43% to $41.69; eCash (XEC) up by 1.11% to $0.00004758; Bitcoin Gold (BTG) up by 9.43% to $32.04; Nexo (NEX) up by 1.88% to $0.9384; XDC Network (XDC) up by 6.15$ to $0.03614; and Ankr (ANKR) up by 40.69% to $0.04953.

The worst performers in the crypto market as of 1:16 a.m. were FTX Token (FTT) down by 4.63% to $30.60; Monero (XMR) down by 4.14% to 4161.39; Filecoin (FIL) down by 4.54% to $8.49; Quant (QNT) down by 4.04% to $124.33; and THORChain (RUNE) down by 5.07% to $2.91.

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Blockchain Choong Deng Xiang/Unsplash