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Get insured in just 90 seconds.
Get insured in just 90 seconds. Lemonade

Whenever people hear the word "insurance", the first thing that usually pops into their heads is peace of mind. After all, it provides financial security and comes with a set of benefits catering to specific needs. However, did you know that there's an insurance company that covers many of your insurance needs in one go?

Insurance assures that your loved ones or beneficiaries will be taken care of in the event that you get into an accident and even in the time of your demise. While some people are still hesitant to invest in insurance, Lemonade proves how worthwhile it can be.

This modern insurance provider makes everything easier - and at affordable prices to boot. They aim to make insurance more accessible to everyone since we all deserve to feel secure about our future. With Lemonade, you can get your personal properties, family members, and pets insured.

How Does Lemonade Work?

What usually discourages people from getting insurance is the complicated process and policies that come with it. Through Lemonade's app, however, you can get insured in just 90 seconds! The perfect insurance will then be crafted for you with the help of an artificially intelligent bot called Maya.


Simply tell Maya where you live and answer a few questions as if you're simply chatting casually with a friend. The AI will then analyze your data and show you personalized policies and prices curated just for you. It is very convenient and accessible for everyone.

You can also customize and adjust your coverage with ease and pay within mere seconds without any hassle whatsoever. After several clicks, you will be covered instantly--no processing of documents or dealing with complicated policies.


Lemonade will also assist you in times of conflict. You can easily file a claim via chat and send videos instead of filling out forms to discuss what was stolen from you or damaged on your property. The process is smooth, and you can get paid in as little as three minutes for the loss or damages upon filing your complaint.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Insure your properties and personal belongings, whether they are inside or outside your house. Lemonade's Renters Insurance covers theft and damage to your properties, including fire, vandalism, certain types of water damage, and many other inconvenient things. They will even cover belongings stolen outside your home.

Lemonade will also assist you in covering the costs of temporary living arrangements if your home becomes unlivable due to certain types of damage. Any medical or legal fees will be covered if someone gets injured on your property. Their Renters Insurance doesn't only focus on your safety, either; it includes other people, too.


The usual Renters Insurance has three main coverage categories: personal property, temporary living expenses, and personal liability and medical bills. With Lemonade's Renters Insurance, you can add Extra Coverage to your policy to amp up the coverage you have for specific high-value items. Extra Coverage is known as adding scheduled personal property coverage.

You can apply this coverage to jewelry, gadgets, bikes, musical instruments, and other expensive items you own. It also comes with extra perks such as deductible-free claims, coverage for accidental damage, and coverage for mysterious loss. These may require appraisals or proof of purchase, but Lemonade makes the process easier.

Protect Your Car and the Planet

Lemonade's innovative Car Insurance will protect not just your car but also the environment. With it, your insurance will be based on how you drive. Lemonade uses location-based technology to improve and reasonably lower the cost of your car insurance, and fairly price your policy based on the way you actually drive.


Car accidents are terrible, but luckily, Lemonade covers a variety of things: damage to your own vehicle, injury to others or damage to their property, temporary transportation options if your car is being repaired in the shop, roadside assistance, emergency dispatch, and crash detection, repairs for windshields and moonroofs, theft, and more. This will make it less expensive and less stressful for you to manage your car and your safety during accidents.

With the goal to be kinder to the environment, EV and hybrid drivers can also enjoy discounts and special coverages for helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This coverage includes emergency charging if you drain your battery and charger coverage if something happens to your wall or portable charger.

What makes it even more amazing is that Lemonade plants trees as you drive! A typical car emits 4.6 metric tons of CO? each year. Lemonade decided to plant trees to help shrink your carbon footprint, using their app to determine the number of trees it takes to clean your emissions based on your mileage.

Secure Your Pets

Pets are family, which means they deserve insurance, too. You can't predict what might happen to them, and as a responsible pet owner, it would be best to insure them as early as you can. Lemonade's Pet Insurance will ensure that your pet's health and future are covered.

Their insurance covers medical expenses related to accidents or illnesses and treatments. They also offer preventative care packages, which cover non-emergency, routine medical care for your pet such as wellness exams, fecal or internal parasite tests, bloodwork, vaccines, routine dental cleanings (for pets over 2 years old), flea/tick or heartworm medications, and medical advice. There's also a preventative care package designed especially for puppies and kittens. This covers necessary procedures such as spaying or neutering, microchipping, flea medication, and up to six vaccines or boosters.


Your pet can get covered with a hassle-free sign-up through the Lemonade app, and your claims will be approved quickly!

Since Lemonade takes a flat fee upfront before paying claims, the excess will be donated to different animal welfare organizations! You can choose which organization you prefer, and it will be donated directly to them so you can keep your pet and other animals in need at the same time.


Unclaimed money is part of getting insurance due to unforeseen circumstances but you don't have to worry about it. Lemonade offers Giveback on their policies, where you can choose a non-profit that you support to give back your unclaimed money.


Up to 40 percent of unclaimed money will be given back to the cause of your choice. Lemonade adds up the unclaimed money left from you and others who select your cause once a year. Lemonade takes a flat fee and treats the money as yours.

Thousands have already pledged to support causes they care about by purchasing a Lemonade insurance policy. As the Lemonade community grows, their social impact grows stronger as well. Aside from your personal safety, Lemonade insurance also caters to the welfare of others.

Check out Lemonade's insurance policies today.