BlackBerry PlayBook
Another price cut: the PlayBook's days could be numbered REUTERS

Research In Motion, the company that makes the BlackBerry Playbook recently cut the tablet's price to $200, and Best Buy seems to have sold out their online stock. Additionally, RIM employees get to add their yearly $100 off in house products to the already discounted PlayBook. That's a new tablet for $100. It's unclear if RIM will ever offer that discount to the masses, Hewlett Packard TouchPad style, but the discount looks to have helped move a few of the seven inch tablets this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season.

The PlayBook, like many BlackBerry items, is marketed to business users, but consumers are catching on to the device now that is so relatively inexpensive. PlayBook is a sleek, if unsophisticated looking device that has only a few weaknesses. The first is a lack of a native email app. It does sync up nicely with a BlackBerry smartphone, though, and RIM is said to be working on that native email. Another draw back is the lack of apps that RIM has also promised to address. If they come through and make the PlayBook compatible with the Android Market, it would instantly become a top tablet contender.

For a tablet, it's got a decent camera and its custom software is incredibly stable and smooth.

PlayBook also features a dual core 1GHz processor, one gigabyte of memory, Flash compatibility and true multitasking just like on a laptop. Due to its portable size, its battery isn't terrible either.

Those are both important issues in the tablet world because with a 10-inch display, the battery has to be excellent for the device to not need charging every three hours. As for multitasking, some devices do it better than others, but there is often a lag between switching apps. That is not the case for the PlayBook. The $200 price is for a limited time, according to the BlackBerry Web site. But, until the price went down, sales of the device were terrible. Tell us in the comments if you are tablet shopping and what you are looking for in a new device.