• Satori can only be obtained during the final mission of Act 1
  • The sword deals tremendously increased critical damage in exchange for less base damage
  • Satori can be acquired later in the game via glitches and console commands

There are tons of katanas scattered around “Cyberpunk 2077’s” Night City, but none of them hits quite like the Satori. This unique sword packs a very mean punch once V is all leveled-up, but such power comes at a price.

Many players may have never even seen this katana in-game before, and that’s because this sword can only be obtained from a very specific point in the game.

Satori is perfect for melee-heavy builds that focus on one-shotting enemies. However, it can be easily missed, so “Cyberpunk 2077” players may have to reload very early into the game or start a new playthrough entirely just to get this sword.

How to get Satori

The sword can only be obtained during the last stretch of “Cyberpunk 2077’s” first act, during the “The Heist” mission. Proceed through the quest until V and Jackie are tasked with escaping from Arasaka Tower.

Head to the doorway leading to the balcony marked by the yellow quest marker and wait for T-Bug’s dialogue lines to finish. Then, step back and head up the stairs leading to the helipad above Yorinobu Arasaka’s penthouse. There will be two guards here, so it’s best to pick up the iconic Kongou pistol located near Yorinobu’s bed.

Satori can be found in the AV parked on the helipad on top of the penthouse
Satori can be found in the AV parked on the helipad on top of the penthouse Cyberpunk 2077

Take out the two guards then open the door of the car parked on the landing pad. Satori should be by the left side of the entrance, leaning against one of the seats.

Take note that there’s a bug related to Satori’s spawn as of version 1.5. Sometimes, the weapon won’t spawn in its usual spot. If this happens, reload a previous save file then check the car again.

Satori Stats

Unlike other katanas, Satori deals less base damage than usual. This is offset by its higher critical damage multiplier, which roughly amounts to 500% more damage on-crit instead of the usual 200%.

Players can take advantage of Blade perks like “Blessed Blade,” “Judge, Jury and Executioner” and “Dragon Strike” to make Satori’s damage even higher. Scoring a critical hit with the sword and a Blade build can result in absurd damage numbers that can trivialize many tough encounters in the game.