• Jackie's handguns can be found at the El Coyote Cojo bar
  • They can be obtained after completing the "Heroes" side job
  • The pistols cannot be dual-wielded

There are quite a few unique weapons in “Cyberpunk 2077” hidden across Night City, but nothing compares to Jackie Welles’ custom pistols. They may not be the most powerful guns in the city, but to many players, they’re priceless in their own right.

Considering how these guns are obtained, there’s a big chance that many players weren’t able to get them on their first playthrough. Here’s a quick guide on how to get them, but be aware of major “Cyberpunk” story spoilers.

To get the pistols, players need to finish “The Heist” mission, which serves as the finale to the prologue arc. After Jackie dies in the car while escaping the Arasaka penthouse, players need to send Jackie’s body back to his family. Choosing either the first or second dialogue option will do. Do not send Jackie to Vic’s place because this will prevent players from getting the guns.

Another day in Night City
Another day in Night City CD Projekt Red

Next, players will need to finish the “Heroes” mission. Shortly after ending “The Heist,” players should get a call from Mama Welles. Make sure to answer this call to begin the “Heroes” quest.

Go to the El Coyote Cojo bar in Heywood. Speak to Mama Welles and sit through Jackie’s funeral. Speak to her again and she will give the keys to Jackie’s bike, which players will be able to call in at any time.

After the funeral, step outside of the bar and wait for 18-24 hours. Go back inside and head to Jackie’s altar since both of his pistols should be there.

Named “La Chingona Dorada,” the stats on the pistols aren’t particularly impressive outside of their innate abilities to cause the Burn and Status effects. They can be upgraded via crafting to make them more viable in the late game, even against more advanced weaponry.

Unfortunately, V cannot wield both of the pistols at once, most likely due to limitations around how guns work in the game.

For players who have already progressed far past this point in the story, the pistols might have already spawned on the altar. Simply visit the bar and claim the guns, both of which should be scaled to the player’s current level.