Tommy Jordan while recording the YouTube video. Photo credit: YouTube

Dad shoots laptop has become a huge search term on Friday, after a YouTube video started going viral because a man who identifies himself as Tommy Jordan emptied his handgun into a laptop that allegedly belongs to his daughter, Hannah.

The father posted the video on his daughter's Facebook page because he found a letter on that very page in which she was complaining about all the chores she had to do.

Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don't know how to correct the situation, Jordan wrote on Wednesday, posting a link to the YouTube video that has gotten more than 1.8 million views. Since I can't seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently.

In the video Jordan is seen with a printed version of the letter, which he read aloud before emptying his gun into his teenage daughter's laptop.

Jordan said it was Feb. 7, 2012, and dedicated the video to his daughter Hannah and all her friends on Facebook who thought her little rebellious post was cute. It was also for parents who thought their kids don't post bad things on Facebook.

She thought she being smart by blocking her parents from being able to see it, he said, adding that Hannah was grounded for about 3 months for doing something very similar. And I would have thought with a father that worked in IT for a living you'd have better sense than to do it again.

Jordan said he spent six hours fixing Hannah's computer, spending more than $100 to upgrade it when he came across her Facebook post.

Since you want to hide it from everyone I am going to share it with everybody, Jordan said.

The letter he read stated:

To my parents,

I am not your damn slave. It is not my responsibility to clean up your sh-t. We have a cleaning lady for a reason. Her name is Linda, not Hannah. If you want coffee get off you're a-- and make it yourself. If you want to garden shovel the fertilizer yourself. Don't sit back on you're a-- and watch me do it. If you walk in the house and get mud all over the floor that I just cleaned be my guest. But clean it up after you're done getting sh-t everywhere. I'm tired of picking up after you. You tell me at least once a day that I need to get a job. You could just pay me for all the sh-t that I do around the house. Every day when I get home from school I have to do dishes, clean the counter tops, all the floors, make all the beds, do the laundry and get the trash. I'm not even going to mention all the work I do around your clinic and if I don't do all that every day I get grounded. You know how hard it is to keep up with chores and school work. It's freaking crazy. I go to sleep at 10 every night because I am too tired to stay up any longer and do anything else. I have to get up at 5 in the morning to get ready for school. On the weekends I have to sleep with my door locked so my little brother won't come get me up at 6 and I'm tired of this bullsh-t. Next time I have to pour a cup of coffee, I'm going to flip shit. I have no idea how I have a life. I'm going to hate to see the day when you get too old to wipe you're a-- and you call me asking for help. I won't be there.


Your pissed kid Hannah.

Father addressed the letter saying that the lady who cleans the house, does it as a favor to trade off some services. He added that Hannah should never refer to the woman as a cleaning lady.

That lady works harder in one day than you ever have in your life, Jordan said. Pay you for the chores, seriously, pay you for chores that you are supposed to do around the house?

Jordan said Hannah's list are posted because she can't remember them and that she doesn't have to make his bed or the guest's.

You have to make your own bed, he added. Pay you for chores? Are you out of your mind? You're 15 going on 16 years old. You want things for your new laptop...but you won't get off your lazy a-- to even look for a job. The only job you've applied to is the one I made you applied to because I got the application for you.

Jordan said when he was his daughter's age he held several jobs and went to school.

You're responsibilities include waking up on time and getting on the bus, Jordan said. That's the end of your responsibility each day. You don't have that hard a life but you're about to.

The father said he warned Hannah the last time a Facebook incident happened.

I was really close that day to putting a bullet through your laptop, he said, adding that Hannah shouldn't worry about her laptop any more because she won't be using any until college.

As soon as I'm done I'm gonna post this (video) on your Facebook wall so all those kids that thought you were cool for how rebellious you were can see what happened and for all the parents may get an idea to put a boot up their own kids' a--.

He said Hannah was disrespectful to him, her mother, stepmom and herself.

Jordan then got up from his chair and takes his gun and this is what he said and what happened:

That right there is your laptop. You see it's out here on the ground. This right here is my 45 (Shoots bullets twice). These are exploding hollow point rounds and you have to pay me back for these too, cause these are about $1 a piece (Four more shots). And after that comment you made about your mom, your mom told me to be sure to put one in there for her (another shot fired). That one's from her. And if I got one left (a shot) I got two left (another shot) and now I'm out.

You can have a new laptop when you buy a new laptop. ... Have a good day y'all.

Watch the video below: