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Attention all "Harry Potter" fans, Daniel Radcliffe is now single. According to media reports, Radcliffe has broken up with his longtime girlfriend Rosie Coker.

The news of the split came not through a spokesperson for the actor, but from comments made by Coker’s father to the MailOnline. Malcolm Coker confirmed the breakup but would not provide any further details.

Coker and Radcliffe, both 23, first met in 2007. At the time, Radcliffe was staring in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and Coker was working as a set production assistant. The two got reacquainted and started dating in 2010. During an interview with Larry King in 2011, Radcliffe had said of Coker, “I’ve got a girlfriend at the moment, who I am very much in love with. So you know, we’ll see where that goes.”

While the couple may have broken up, MailOnline reported that Radcliffe has moved on.

The MailOnline has identified another romantic interest in Radcliffe's life. According to the website, Radcliffe has been seen with Erin Drake, an American actress. The two met on the set of "Kill Your Darlings," where Radcliffe plays Allen Ginsberg and Drake played a woman named Gwendolyn.

The movie stars David Cross, Michael C. Hall, Ben Foster and Elizabeth Olsen. According to MTV, "Kill Your Darlings" reimagines the Beat Generation and an alternative history where Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs investigate a murder.

MailOnline noted that the reported relationship between Radcliffe and Drake may have been nothing more than a fling and reported the two are no longer seeing each other. That means Radcliffe is single and looking for a muggle to call his own.