Zombie survival horror game “DayZ” may be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 by the end of 2014.

"We've toyed around what to do with the console side of things," “DayZ” game designer Dean Hall told Eurogamer on Tuesday.  “We have to get the core aspects of the game finished before we commit to doing anything. Otherwise you make a big announcement and then you wait for six or 12 months.”

“DayZ” is currently only available for the PC, but many players want to see the open world horror game come to consoles.

“DayZ” is approaching 2.5 million units sold and sells between 3,000 to 4,000 copies per day. Hall added that he feels the game will be complete by the end of this year and is moving the title over to a new game engine, called enfusion, which enables DirectX 10 and 11 graphical effects and will improve the game’s mechanics significantly.

“DayZ” launched on Dec. 17, 2013 on Steam Early Access as an alpha release. Despite its many bugs, the game had recruited 19,000 users in an hour. During the first 12 hours, the title drew 88,000 players. After 24 hours, “DayZ” had been downloaded 172,500 times. By April 1, the game had sold 1.7 million copies of its standalone version. The open-world multiplayer title was created by New Zealander Hall and developed by Prague-based Bohemia Interactive. “DayZ” is a standalone version of the award-winning mod of the same name.

On Dec. 18 last year, Bohemia Interactive CEO Maruk Spanel wrote a blog post about the game’s progress: “First day of ‘DayZ’ (Alpha). Hours passed: 24. Copies sold: 172,500. Survivors online: 142,403. Bugs discovered: many. Work ahead:  hard.”

“DayZ” is a basic survival horror game, where players take on tasks to gather food, supplies, medicine, clothing and water in a 225-square-kilometer setting. Items can be collected in random places such as abandoned vehicles, homes and barns. Players can also pick up weapons for protection from other players or the undead.

The “DayZ” standalone game began development in August 2012 following the success of the original mod. Hall joined forces with Bohemia Interactive and took over as project lead. Three months later, he posted an unedited video clip of the game’s multiplayer mode to YouTube, saying the footage “makes no effort to mask the variety of bugs.”

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