A general view of the departure gates and duty free area at the Emirates' terminal (Terminal 3) in Dubai International Airport, Oct. 9, 2008. Reuters

These days, it just takes one bad review or unflattering video to go viral and damage the reputation of a company -- and never has this phenomenon been more apparent than in the airline industry.

Airlines strive to stay in favor with loyal customers and curry favor in light of the bad press that can — and has -— resulted from discriminating against leggings and mass-flight cancellations. So when a list of the top ranked airlines in North America and around the globe is compiled by the largest travel website, customers will be paying attention.

TripAdvisor released its first Traveler’s Choice Awards and revealed the best airlines to fly in the world Monday, after carefully noting and surveying customers’ reviews and feedback online from all of the major and mid-size airlines. TripAdvisor looked specifically to the number and quality of online ratings for each airline over a 12-month period to determine its list.

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“The airline industry is investing billions of dollars in new aircraft and service enhancements to differentiate the flying experience and these awards recognize the carriers offering the very best experiences and value to the traveling public,” Bryan Saltzburg, the senior vice president and general manager for TripAdvisor Flights, said in a statement Monday.

Fifty airlines in total were recognized from around the world for factors like level of service.

For the leading North American airlines, United and American missed the final list. Instead, the Top Major North American Airline was awarded to Delta Air Lines. The Top Three Mid-Size and Low-Cost North American Airlines were awarded to JetBlue, first, followed by Alaska Airlines and Southwest.

In ranking order, TripAdvisor acknowledged the following companies as the top 10 global airlines. Taking first place was Emirates from the United Emirates, followed by Singapore Airlines (Singapore); Azul (Brazil); JetBlue (U.S.); Air New Zealand (New Zealand); Korean Air (South Korea); Japan Airlines (Japan); Thai Smile (Thailand); Alaska Airlines (U.S.) and Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia).