• Blue items will no longer drop from playlist activities after reaching the seasonal Soft Cap
  • Banshee-44 will be reworked to function like other Tower NPCs, such as Zavala and Saint
  • Rahool will take over Spider's role as a resource and bounty giver

The release of the “Witch Queen” expansion for “Destiny 2” is imminent, and Bungie is beginning to reveal bits of the big changes that are coming to the game this February.

One of the biggest (and perhaps most anticipated) incoming changes is related to the blue-tier equipment, which loses much of its value immediately after reaching a season’s Soft Cap. Blue gear is often dismissed by the majority of the community, especially those who are high enough in Light Level, so Bungie decided to take some small steps to better integrate this item tier in the game.

With the “Witch Queen” expansion, blue items will no longer drop from playlist activities (Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, etc), according to the latest TWAB. To keep the economy from buckling, the drop rate for Legendary items will be slightly increased to keep the flow of Glimmer relatively as-is.

A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2
A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2 Bungie

Blues will still drop randomly from enemies and chests, but this change should reduce the need to constantly dismantle gear or visit the Postmaster.

The upcoming “Witch Queen” changes also include the removal of Mod Components and a rework to the Gunsmith. Banshee and Ada’s inventory items will no longer cost Mod Components, but they will require 10,000 Glimmer instead. Additionally, the mods sold by each vendor will be increased from two to four.

As for Banshee-44, he will receive the same treatment Saint-14 did some time ago. Banshee will now have vendor ranks that can be leveled up by dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear or by completing his daily bounties.

The changes mean the Gunsmith Materials and Weapon Telemetries will be removed from the game entirely. Bungie advised players to use up all of the materials before “Witch Queen” launches on Feb. 22. All unused telemetries and materials will be rendered useless once the new expansion is released.

Lastly, Master Rahool will be taking over Spider’s role as a resource and bounty vendor. He’ll also be providing Umbral Engram decryption services to reduce the constant back-and-forth of Guardians between the H.E.L.M. and the Tower.