• Consecration's second fire wave detonates Scorched enemies
  • Heart of Inmost Light serves as a great buff for damage and cooldown reduction
  • The Monte Carlo auto rifle can make melee cooldowns even shorter

The advent of Solar 3.0 introduced a ton of new build options for all three character classes. Titans, in particular, received a new ability that makes them amazing at clearing groups of weak enemies.

The Consecration aspect adds a new two-part melee ability that sends waves of searing flames toward enemies, bringing the Scorch status on the first wave before detonating burning targets on the second one.

This build can help players breeze through low-mid level PvE content while also providing teamwide buffs and synergies for harder activities through the Scorch, Radiant and Ignition effects. Here’s how to set it up.

Recommended Aspects and Fragments

Consecration is mandatory here for the hammer slam attack, though players can choose between Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus based on their preference. The former is great for boosting damage while the latter is more suited for zone control and survivability.

For fragments, Ember of Searing is the only requirement since it boosts melee energy regeneration after defeating Scorched enemies. Other recommendations include Torches for constant weapon damage buffs, Singeing for class ability regen and Blistering for grenade recharge.

Low-cooldown grenades like Fusions or Firebolts are recommended.

The reworked Sunbreaker tree for Titans in Destiny 2
The reworked Sunbreaker tree for Titans in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Gear and Mods

The keystone exotic armor piece here is Heart of Inmost Light and the Momentum Transfer arms mod. This chest piece will drastically reduce the cooldown of Consecration’s slam attack while also boosting damage. Players will also get the added benefit of stronger grenades, tougher barricades and lower cooldowns for all abilities.

For weapons, anything with the Wellspring perk can synergize nicely with this build. The Ogma PR-6 can roll with both Demolitionist and Wellspring, making it a top-tier pick. Alternatively, the reprised Opulence weapons with the To Excess trait can also work well.

Stat distribution depends on preference. Players can get away with low Recovery if they are using Sol Invictus, while Heart of Inmost Light and weapon traits can fill in for the Discipline and Strength stats.

Investing in Resilience may be preferable since the stat now grants a substantial damage resistance buff against PvE enemies.

Lastly, try to fit in other ability-related mods like Bomber, Utility Kickstart, Grenade Kickstart and Perpetuation to keep the skill spam cycle going more frequently.