• "Destiny 2's" featured raids have unrestricted loot and boss drops
  • The featured raids change every week on the regular reset time
  • All encounters can be farmed repeatedly on the same character

Raid-exclusive exotics tend to be the rarest weapons in “Destiny 2” for a number of reasons. Apart from only dropping from their respective raid activities, these guns have notoriously low drop rates. On top of these, raids can only be completed once per week for every character in an account.

However, due to the changes implemented with “The Witch Queen,” “Destiny 2” players can now have an easier time farming for these rare weapons thanks to a small but significant change.

For the unaware, Bungie added a weekly rotator for raids and dungeons to encourage people to revisit these activities. Instead of funneling players to whichever was new, the game developer decided to incentivize playing older content by having them drop unlimited loot with none of the usual lockout mechanics.

This weekly rotator has already proven to be invaluable for community members who are trying to complete their exotic weapons collection. Previously, players were able to grind for the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher from Deep Stone Crypt, and as of this week, the coveted Vex Mythoclast from the Vault of Glass raid is up for grabs.

The Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2
The Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2 Bungie

Players who want to farm for these exotics will have to complete the raid as usual and hope for the best once the loot starts dropping. However, to make things a little less tedious, checkpoint saving is highly recommended.

To save a raid encounter checkpoint, players must reach the beginning of a new encounter and immediately have the entire fireteam wipe. Next, have one player switch to a different character, then get the team to wipe again.

After this, complete the encounter, grab the loot and then go back to orbit. Have the secondary character load back into the saved checkpoint, invite all the fireteam members back into the raid, and then swap back to the first character. This will let players constantly reload any raid or dungeon encounter without having to do everything all over again.

For the Vault of Glass, a full team with linear fusion rifles or a group of six Starfire Protocol Warlocks are highly recommended. These setups can net some easy one-phase kills for Atheon, which should maximize the frequency of having the Vex Mythoclast drop as a reward.