• Ace of Spades can two-tap Guardians in the Crucible
  • Memento Mori's damage buff stacks with Radiant to cause 99 damage per headshot
  • On Your Mark compensates for Ace's low handling and reload speed

The Solar subclass update for “Destiny 2” did wonders for Gunslingers in both PvP and PvE. All of the new aspects and fragments pushed the innate lethality of Hunters in the Crucible to new heights by granting them increased weapon handling across the board.

There is plenty of broken PvP builds in “Destiny 2,” but for those who prefer to slay in the Crucible with nothing but their guns and reflexes, this might just be the best build available.

The Loadout

The star of this build is the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon simply due to the Memento Mori perk, which buffs the gun’s next six shots after scoring any final blow.

Memento Mori is essentially Kill Clip, except it can be easily refreshed and it doesn’t expire on a timer. The only times the empowered shots will disappear are when the player dies or when the Ace is stowed. This perk bumps the usual headshot damage from 70 to 90, which will allow players to kill others with just two headshots and one body shot.

Technically, the build can work with any other hand cannon that has Kill Clip, but the Ace of Spades’ ability to conserve empowered ammo is too powerful to ignore.

The Ace of Spades exotic handcannon in Destiny 2
The Ace of Spades exotic handcannon in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

The Class Setup

On Your Mark is the keystone aspect of this build thanks to its incredible weapon handling buffs. It’s basically a watered-down version of the Dragon’s Shadow exotic. Every time the player dodges, they gain increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short time. This buff is also gained after each precision final blow.

Ace of Spades synergizes extremely well with this aspect due to its low base handling and reload speed stats.

For the second aspect slot, use Knock ‘Em Down. Pair this with Proximity Explosive Knife and Acrobat’s Dodge for easy access to the Radiant buff.

Lastly, use Ember of Solace to extend Radiant’s duration. The other fragment slots can be filled with anything else that players want, though Ember of Searing and Singeing are highly recommended.

With this class setup, Ace of Spades will be able to down most Guardians with just two hits. Activate Memento Mori and use Acrobat’s Dodge to stack damage buffs, then use Proximity Explosive Knife to extend Radiant’s duration.