• Players must finish the Masked Rider triumph to earn the Headless Horsepower sparrow 
  • The triumph requires players to purchase all Halloween masks from Eva Levante
  • Haunted Sectors and the Lake of Shadows strike are great for farming candy

The Festival of the Lost introduced plenty of cool new items at the Eververse shop, including a few new dances, emotes, armor ornaments and other themed items commonly seen in the store’s inventory.

Exotic sparrows are often sold in the Eververse as well. These rare hoverbikes have extra perks that make them just a little bit more attractive to use than the regular versions. The Headless Horsepower sparrow is this year’s free Festival of the Lost offer, and everyone can get their hands on it with relative ease.

Here’s how to get the Headless Horsepower for free in “Destiny 2” Festival of the Lost 2021.

The latest Festival of the Lost features dino armor, haunted sectors, pumpkin head monsters and more
The latest Festival of the Lost features dino armor, haunted sectors, pumpkin head monsters and more Destiny 2

The Masked Rider Triumph

Unlike most of the other exotic sparrows, the Headless Horsepower can be earned via regular gameplay. This sparrow is actually locked behind the Masked Rider triumph, which can only be completed before this year’s Festival of the Lost ends.

To unlock this achievement, players must purchase all of the Halloween masks sold by Eva Levante at the Tower. Buying all of the masks will unlock the Masked Rider at the Triumphs tab on the Character Screen. Claim the triumph to unlock the Headless Horsepower sparrow without spending any Silver or Bright Dust.

This is fairly easy to do, but unlocking all of the masks from Eva’s inventory may take some time. Each mask costs Candy to purchase and they’re fairly expensive. Players will have to grind a few activities before they can buy all of them.

Best Ways To Earn Candy

Candy can be earned by defeating enemies or completing activities while wearing a Halloween mask. Every activity in the game will reward players with candy upon completion which, in turn, can be traded with Eva for masks and loot bags.

The seasonal Haunted Sectors reward generous amounts of candy per run and they only take a couple of minutes to finish. Well-equipped fireteams can finish a sector in less than 10 minutes, making this an efficient way to grind for candy.

Haunted Sectors also drop the Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf auto rifles as well as the new Jurassic Green pulse rifle, making this an attractive source of both candy and well-rolled weaponry.

Players can also grind the Lake of Shadows Nightfall strike as it’s very short and easy to finish. However, this mission will be replaced by Exodus Crash in a few days, so players should take advantage of Lake of Shadows before the weekly reset schedule.


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