• The Palindrome is a 140 RPM hand cannon with high base stats and a good perk pool
  • This hand cannon has the longest base range among other weapons in its archetype
  • The Fatebringer and Dire Promise are good alternative options

Among the many 140 RPM hand cannons in “Destiny 2,” the community has given the Palindrome the reputation of being one of the best possible options to use in the Crucible. It comes with a small pool of great perks and its base stats are amazing for its archetype, but is it really worth the hype that it’s getting?

The Palindrome boasts the highest range out of all of “Destiny 2’s” non-sunset legendary 140 RPM hand cannons, according to the database. With a base range stat of 55, Palindrome can challenge targets up to 29 meters away. This effective range can be increased to over 36 meters with Full Bore, Rangefinder and a range masterwork.

This weapon also comes with a high aim assist stat of 79, which is slightly behind Fatebringer’s 84 and the Dire Promise’s 87. Mods like Targeting Adjuster and Hand Cannon Targeting can make three-tapping Guardians just as consistent as with the aforementioned weapons, however.

Destiny 2's Palindrome is one of the best 140 RPM hand cannons in the game
Destiny 2's Palindrome is one of the best 140 RPM hand cannons in the game Destiny 2

When it comes to the overall feel of the weapon, the Palindrome is crisp and very easy to use. Its sights offer a clear picture, it has no noticeable muzzle flash and the weapon model itself is slim and unobtrusive. Many players overlook these weapon elements but in hectic firefights, every bit of screen clarity helps.

As for perks, the weapon can roll with fan-favorite options like Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Killing Wind and Rangefinder. The weapon’s Adept version can take its Crucible viability even further with mods like Adept Icarus Grip, which boosts both range and in-air accuracy.

The only real downside of this weapon is that farming for it can be very tedious. Since the Palindrome only drops from Nightfall strikes, players are left at the mercy of RNG unless they can comfortably farm Grandmaster Nightfalls that feature 100% drop rates for adept weapons.

There’s also the matter of the rotating Nightfall weapon rewards. Players will not be able to farm for the Palindrome unless it’s on the drop table.

Taking all of these into consideration, the Palindrome hand canon is well worth the grind for players who love to slay in the Crucible. Well-rolled Fatebringers and Dire Promises can come close to the Palindrome’s performance, however, making them great legendary weapon alternatives.