• Hunters can go invisible with any subclass by using Assassin's Cowl
  • Caliban's Hand is great at clearing enemy waves through Solar Ignitions
  • Gjallarhorn, Lament and Witherhoard are all excellent choices for the Duality dungeon

The Duality dungeon in “Destiny 2” features three challenging encounters that can push even seasoned fireteams against the proverbial wall, but even this difficult activity can be completed by a single person if they know exactly what they’re doing.

Hunters are capable of solid single-target DPS as well as massive AoE damage thanks to the Solar 3.0 update. With the proper gear and subclass setup, Duality becomes more of a test of patience than anything else. Here’s a build and some tips on how to finish it alone as a Gunslinger.

Loadout Recommendations

For weapons, players will want a Calus Mini Tool with the Incandescent perk for add-clear and energy recharge through fragment synergies. Pair this with either a sniper rifle or shotgun that can defeat Bellkeepers in a single hit.

The first and last bosses can be comfortably fought with the Lament exotic sword thanks to its lifesteal and high DPS. On the other hand, consider using Gjallarhorn or any other explosive heavy weapon for the second encounter to quickly eliminate Phalanxes.

As for exotics, the Assassin’s Cowl is an excellent choice for personal survivability. Players who want more wave clear might want to use Caliban’s Hand instead.

The Caliban's Hand exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2
The Caliban's Hand exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Subclass Setup

Use Gunpowder Gamble and Knock ‘Em Down for AoE damage and unlimited throwing knives. Combine these with the Singeing, Torches and Empyrean for increased dodge regeneration, the Radiant buff and the ability to refresh Restoration’s duration.

As for armor mods, use Melee Wellmaker and Font of Might for bonus with Solar weapons. Swap the latter with High-Energy Fire during the final boss for more DPS.

Much of the build’s survivability comes from the Restoration effect, which can come from either Healing Grenade or Classy Restoration. Feel free to pick one or both, though the latter will be removed from the game after Season 17.

Lastly, use Blade Barrage for boss damage. Alternatively, players can use Golden Gun – Deadshot for add-clear.

Always prioritize survival over damage. The dungeon will throw tons of enemies at players, and it will get overwhelming at times. When the going gets tough, use Gambler’s Dodge to trigger Classy Restoration or pop Healing Grenade when low on HP.