• Ethereal Keys can be farmed when the Last Wish is on the weekly rotator
  • Up to five keys can be held in the player's and Postmaster's inventories
  • The entire raid can be skipped by using the Wishing Wall  

The last big loot reward in the Last Wish raid is unique, even by “Destiny 2’s” standards. Instead of getting showered with gear, players will have to pick and open some chests in the post-activity area.

Unlike the regular chests found everywhere else in the solar system, the ones at the end of the raid require Ethereal Keys before they can be opened. Unfortunately, these keys can only be obtained after beating Riven, the Last Wish raid’s final boss.

Before, players were only to get Ethereal Keys once per week. This time, keys can be farmed repeatedly until players reach the inventory cap of five.

How to farm Ethereal Keys

Key farming is simple: just beat Riven. The catch here is that players will be able to repeatedly fight the boss and get keys without waiting for the weekly reset.

Whenever the Last Wish raid is available in the weekly rotator, players will be able to farm every loot source in the activity (except for the hidden chests). This includes Riven herself. Apart from the small pool of loot that she drops after her Taken Heart is destroyed, players will be able to get one Ethereal Key per run.

Keys can only stack up to five in a player’s inventory. Every Ethereal Key that drops after reaching the cap will be sent to the Postmaster, who can hold one extra five-stack, resulting in 10 storable keys in total.

Best DPS loadouts against Riven of a Thousand Voices

Players have no choice but to beat Riven in a single damage phase in this raid, as failing to do so will always result in a wipe.

Stack High-Energy Fire with the Radiant buff and use precision weapons like Stormchaser, Sleeper Simulant and Firing Line sniper rifles to quickly melt the boss’ health. Alternatively, have the entire fireteam swing at Riven’s right claw with swords and a Tractor Cannon.

Get as many keys as possible before doing the Queenswalk portion and opening the chests at the podium. With a full stack of keys, at least one member of the fireteam is guaranteed to pull the One Thousand Voices exotic fusion rifle from one of the chests per run.

Destiny 2's The Lament is a powerful chainsword capable of melting even the toughest of enemies
Destiny 2's The Lament is a powerful chainsword capable of melting even the toughest of enemies Destiny 2