• Path of Burning Steps stacks with Radiant and Font of Might
  • Sunspot Restoration offsets Tommy's Matchbook's self-immolation effect
  • Tarrabah is great in PvE and PvP with this build 

Though most of the new Solar subclass updates in “Destiny 2” focus on empowering abilities through improved damage or faster recharge rates, there are a few builds out there that are designed with primary and secondary weapons in mind.

Titans, in particular, have some potent exotic gear combos that can truly make combat shine in both PvP and PvE. Here’s one weapon-oriented build for players who want to stick to their guns.

Recommended Loadout

The keystone exotic armor piece for this build is the Path of Burning Steps. This leg armor essentially grants Rampage to all Solar weapons on top of granting resistance to Stasis effects.

In theory, all Solar weapons will gain better DPS just by scoring kills while Path of Burning Steps is equipped. Some weapons can activate the armor’s perk faster or more efficiently though.

Tarrabah or Tommy’s Matchbook are highly recommended for this build. Both are automatic weapons that can shred targets in any activity at the cost of range. When the Firewalker perk from Path of Burning Steps is active, players can delete most trash mobs and even other Guardians within milliseconds.

The exotic Tarrabah SMG in Destiny 2
The exotic Tarrabah SMG in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

To make Firewalker stronger, use the Ember of Torches fragment along with Throwing Hammer and Ember of Solace to get extended-duration Radiant buffs. Solace can be replaced with Empyrean for PvE.

Use Sunspots for healing and ability regeneration together with Roaring Flames for more Throwing Hammer damage. The former can be replaced with Consecration when using Tarrabah or when regeneration isn’t required.

For mods, use the following:

  • Font of Might
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • SMG/Auto Rifle Loader
  • Flame Harvesting

Flame Harvesting will automatically spawn Solar wells for Font of Might, essentially giving players a permanent damage boost to Solar weapons. When stacked with Radiant and Firewalker x4, Tarrabah can deal up to 6,000 damage per precision hit on a 1570 PvE activity.

Use a weapon loader mod based on the weapon of choice since this playstyle relies on hosing targets down with automatic fire.

The rest of the mod slots can be fitted with anything else that players desire. Well of Life is recommended to maintain survivability in difficult PvE content.