• Caliban's Hand grants bonuses to Proximity Exploding Knife
  • Proximity knives become effective explosive payloads when used in PvE
  • The build also grants easy access to Gunpowder Gamble's explosive charge

The latest season of “Destiny 2” added a few new exotics for each of the classes in the game. One such exotic gave Hunters a completely new way to use the Proximity Explosive Knife ability, which can now be used as a top-tier melee ability for PvE.

Although other builds like the Ahamkara’s Spine one may be easier to use and much more potent in some circumstances, the ability to throw an unlimited number of explosive knives is some of the most fun Hunters can have when patrolling the planets or executing other PvE missions. Here’s the loadout.

Recommended Gear

The star of this build is the new Caliban’s Hand exotic gauntlets, which will cause proximity knives to apply Scorch on detonation and cause Solar Ignitions on impact. It also has the added benefit of granting melee energy recharge until the knife detonates, but this build won’t be capitalizing on this effect.

Any weapon can work with this setup, but players may want to try out the new Incandescent perk, which can roll on the reprised Opulent weapons. This perk can be used to spread Scorch between enemies to make the rest of the ability loop easier to achieve, though this can be replaced with the Ember of Char fragment.

The Caliban's Hand exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2
The Caliban's Hand exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

Knock ‘Em Down is required for this build in order to keep Proximity Explosive Knife up at all times so long as players are Radiant. Pair this with the Ember of Torches fragment to remain Radiant indefinitely, and Gambler’s Dodge in case the throwing knife misses.

Ember of Ashes, Eruption and Singeing also synergize well with this build as they all interact with Scorch and Ignite. Pair Knock ‘Em Down with Gunpowder Gamble for constant access to its improvised explosive.

As for mods, players can choose whichever combat style they prefer. Elemental well mods are great for restoring grenade energy, though mods that improve survivability may be more useful. Solar Fulmination and Classy Restoration are top-tier artifact mods for this season, but don’t be pressured into using them since this build works perfectly fine just with the class setup.