• Second Chance grants an extra Shield Throw charge
  • The exotic also gives Shield Throw barrier-piercing properties
  • The build is great for gaining and maintaining Overshields

The Shield Throw melee ability has always been fun to use, and the introduction of the Second Chance exotic armor piece added one more interesting way for “Destiny 2” players to build around this melee skill.

Although the community may be focused on building around Solar this season, Void subclasses are still very powerful. Sentinels in particular still excel at dealing large AoE damage while providing Overshields for the team. The Second Chance exotic does both of these jobs splendidly, especially when used with a proper build.

Recommended Loadout

For those who don’t know, Second Chance can be obtained by completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors alone. These gauntlets grant an extra charge to Shield Throw. It grants the ability Anti-Barrier properties, though this is not the main focus of the build.

The second core part for this loadout is the Monte Carlo auto rifle for the melee energy regeneration. It’s also a decent workhorse for PvE content thanks to its extra damage whenever players score melee kills.

The Second Chance exotic armor for Titans in Destiny 2
The Second Chance exotic armor for Titans in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

Offensive Bulwark will be the keystone aspect for this build because of its synergy with Shield Throw. When equipped, this aspect grants bonus grenade recharge, melee lunge range and melee damage whenever the player has an Overshield. It also extends the Overshield’s duration after scoring a melee kill.

This can be paired with Bastion for on-demand Overshields per Barricade cast, or Controlled Demolition for more crowd control.

For fragments, use the following:

  • Echo of Expulsion
  • Echo of Exchange
  • Echo of Undermining

These fragments will feed grenade energy after every melee kill, and it will cause grenades to restore melee energy and apply the Weaken debuff to enemies.

For mods, players will want to use Heavy-Handed, Elemental Charge, Melee Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance to constantly gain ability energy through elemental wells. Heavy-Handed will significantly reduce the downtime between Shield Throw casts as long as players are Charged with Light.

Apart from piercing barriers, Shield Throw’s main use with this build is to gain Overshields for both damage and survivability. Make sure to run as much Discipline and Resilience for the grenade regeneration and damage resistance in PvE.