• Verity's Brow greatly increases the damage of each Fusion Grenade explosion
  • Multiple Verity's Brow users will grant each other grenade energy after throwing grenades
  • For more grenade spam, use Starfire Protocol instead

The humble Fusion Grenade has attracted much more attention in “Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted” thanks to the Solar 3.0 update. What was once a meager offensive grenade option has now become significantly more powerful when used by Warlocks.

Though not as popular as Incinerator Snap builds, the sheer destructive force of Fusion Grenade Warlock loadouts should not be underestimated. Here’s an overview of one variant of this build.

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

Touch of Flame is mandatory for this build since it lets Fusion Grenades explode twice per cast, essentially doubling their damage output. In the secondary aspect slot, players can use either Heat Rises for the extra melee regeneration or Icarus Dash for mobility.

As for fragments, use the following:

  • Ember of Ashes
  • Ember of Singeing
  • Ember of Blistering

This fragment combo will allow for more frequent Solar Ignitions that also regenerate grenade energy. Singeing will also make Healing or Empowering Rift cooldowns expire faster.

For armor mods, consider the following:

  • Ashes to Assets
  • Explosive Wellmaker
  • Elemental Charge
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Impact Induction
  • Grenade Kickstart

With these mods, players should be able to reduce the cooldown of their Fusion Grenades by picking up elemental wells and by spamming melee attacks.

The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Recommended Loadout

The keystone exotic armor piece for this build is Verity’s Brow. Its Death Throes perk greatly enhances the damage output of grenades while lowering their cooldowns. To activate the perk, players will need to land a final blow with a weapon that matches the element of their subclass.

Any Solar weapon will do for this build, though one with the Demolitionist or Wellspring perks will work best. The Ogma PR-6 pulse rifle can roll with both perks, and the weapon can also be crafted once players unlock its blueprint at the Enclave.

This build works best when there’s at least one other Warlock using Verity’s Brow, as both players will give each other (and the rest of the team) the Feed the Flames buff, which increases grenade energy regeneration. This is especially strong in boss encounters like the Atheon fight in Vault of Glass, where ability cooldowns are drastically shortened.