• Incinerator Snap deals explosive Solar damage to enemies in a wide area
  • Heat Rises restores melee energy by defeating enemies while airborne
  • Celestial Fire is better at dealing single-target DPS 

Warlocks received one of “Destiny 2’s” most interesting melee abilities so far, and fans can’t seem to get enough of them. Lobbing fireballs with a finger snap is not only cool, it is also very effective at clearing groups of enemies.

With the many mods and exotics available to Warlocks in “Season of the Haunted,” players can push this new melee ability to its peak by giving it virtually no cooldown at all. Here’s a Solar 3.0 Warlock build for players to try out.

Aspects, Fragments and Abilities

This build requires Heat Rises and Touch of Flame for the melee energy recharge and enhanced grenades, respectively.

Heat Rises will grant extra melee energy just by defeating combatants while floating in the air. This can be from any source, including grenades, weapons and melee attacks. This pairs nicely with either Firebolt, Healing, or Thermite Grenades.

Players can use Celestial Fire for stronger single-target DPS, but the Incinerator Snap is highly recommended for better crowd control and Scorch application. Any of the three Warlock class abilities can be used here, but consider Phoenix Dive for its synergy with Heat Rises.

For fragments, use the following:

  • Ember of Searing
  • Ember of Blistering
  • Ember of Torches
  • Ember of Ashes

This setup maximizes energy regeneration for all abilities while providing constant Radiant buffs to fireteam members.

The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Gear and Mods

There are two gear sets to consider here. The first is with Sunbracers and Momentum Transfer, and the second is with Claws of Ahamkara with Impact Induction.

The former leans more toward constant grenade spam with the Sunbracers perk and the rest of the build’s mods, while the latter focuses on reducing the cooldown of Incinerator Snap as much as possible in hopes of using the Ignite effect for bigger damage.

Here are the mods required for this build:

  • Explosive Wellmaker
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Elemental Charge
  • Heavy Handed
  • Momentum Transfer/Impact Induction

The constant Elemental Well generation will help reduce Incinerator Snap’s cooldown. It will also keep the Charged with Light buff up at all times for constant Heavy Handed procs. Consider using Seeking Wells to make well collection easier.

For weapons, players can pick between the reworked Skyburner’s Oath or Sunshot for maximum Scorch and Ignition procs, or Monte Carlo for instant melee energy regeneration.