• Solstice armor pieces will begin to glow when fully upgraded
  • Bonfire Bash can be completed more quickly by using melee abilities 
  • Ghost Armorer mods will affect the outcome of rerolled Solstice armor 

The ability to focus armor stats for Solstice pieces is arguably the best way to get the perfect stat builds in “Destiny 2.” However, this requires a lot of time and effort, especially if players decide to grind for them mindlessly.

Getting perfectly-rolled armor pieces will involve some unavoidable tedium, but there are ways to make this year’s Solstice a bit less repetitive.

Some members of the community found tricks on how to increase resource gain and make Bonfire Bash finish quicker. Here’s how to do them.

Leaves, Ash and Kindling Farming

Silver Ash is used to rerolling Kindled armor pieces, but it can only be obtained by finishing Bonfire Bash while having Silver Leaves. Meanwhile, Kindling is used to unlock an armor’s glow effect and increase the maximum number of times it can be rerolled, up to a max of three.

The fastest way to earn Silver Leaves is by saving the last checkpoint from The Investigation mission from “The Witch Queen’s” main campaign. It takes almost zero effort but requires at least one other player.

On the other hand, players may want to collect Silver Leaves in Strikes, Crucible/Gambit or even Public Events to progress their Event Cards. This is more efficient than repeating the campaign checkpoint since it also grants progress toward earning more Kindling.

Bonfire Bash Cheese

As pointed out by various community members, the Bonfire can be stoked multiple times with one Igniter by using melee abilities. Carry an igniter and use either Ballistic Slam or Consecration on Titans or Tempest Strike on Hunters; each melee ability hit will count toward the Bonfire’s counter.

This can also be done with Howl of the Storm on Behemoths. Launch the ability to the side of the Bonfire and detonate each crystal one at a time.

Upgrading Armor

It is possible to gain guaranteed +20 and +10 rolls on two different stats if players use the armor reroll function and their Ghost’s Armorer mods.

Fully upgrade an armor piece and then roll until the focusing options appear. Then, select a stat category and equip an armorer mod for a secondary stat. Reroll the armor piece, and it should have the appropriate stat counts based on the player’s choice.

Solstice 2022 adds a new armor set that can be re-rolled for better stats - Destiny 2
Solstice 2022 adds a new armor set that can be re-rolled for better stats Destiny 2