• Silver Leaves are obtained by completing activities while wearing at least one piece of Candescent armor
  • The second mission of "The Witch Queen's" campaign can be exploited 
  • Only 100 Leaves can be kept in the inventory at any time

The grind for god-roll armor has begun with the 2022 Solstice event for “Destiny 2.” Eva Levante, the European Aerial Zone and seasonal Tower decorations are back, and players can expect to spend a lot of time in the game if they want to get those elusive armor rolls to perfect their builds.

Much like “Destiny 2’s” other PvE events, Solstice is going to be a grindy one. However, there is a way to earn materials and upgrade armor quicker than usual.

Here’s an overview of the upgrade process as well as a neat trick on how to earn Silver Leaves fast in “Destiny 2.”

Leaves, Ashes and Bonfires

This year’s Solstice features two new materials: Silver Leaves and Silver Ash. The former can be considered the raw form of the latter, and they are both used in the armor upgrade process alongside Kindling.

Kindling is obtained by completing challenges in the Event Card, while Silver Ash is earned by completing Bonfire Bash with Silver Leaves in the player’s inventory.

Leaves, on the other hand, cannot be earned in Bonfire Bash. These are obtained from other activities, which might make farming a bit tedious.

The Solstice 2022 Event Banner from Destiny 2
The Solstice 2022 Event Banner from Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Best way to farm Silver Leaves

Like with other materials that drop on activity completion, the best way to farm Silver Leaves is by revisiting the second mission of “The Witch Queen’s” campaign called “The Investigation,” where Guardians are tasked with reaching Fynch. This exploit was discovered by Cheese Forever.

Two players are needed for this to work, and make sure to wear a Candescent armor piece.

Go through the mission normally, and upon defeating the Arc-wielding Hive Wizard near the end, have the fireteam wipe in order to save the checkpoint. Restarting after a wipe should put players back in front of the gateway past the Wizard fight.

Next, have one member quit and save the checkpoint again on a different character.

Reload back to the main character and meet with Fynch to receive Silver Leaves. Next, quit out of the mission and have the alt-character with the checkpoint load back in. Then, have other fireteam members join the alt-character again. Go back to Fynch, receive more Leaves, and repeat until the resource cap is reached.

Afterward, complete Bonfire Bash for Silver Ashes and do the entire process all over again.