• Sunshot can chain Solar explosions if enemies are close enough
  • Flame Harvesting and Rays of Precision synergize well with Sunshot
  • Titans can use Path of Burning Steps to buff Sunshot's damage 

The Sunshot was arguably the most-hyped exotic weapon when rumors of Solar 3.0 were floating around the internet, but unfortunately, all of that excitement disappeared when “Destiny 2” players discovered that the weapon had no real synergies with the subclass rework.

This doesn’t mean that the Sunshot has no value in “Season of the Haunted.” Just like in previous seasons of “Destiny 2,” the weapon still sits on top as one of the best wave-clearing exotics in the game. With the proper class setups, this can be made even better.

Class Synergies

As mentioned, Sunshot doesn’t exactly synergize with Solar 3.0 due to the lack of innate Scorch or Ignite effects. However, in Season 17, players get access to the Flame Harvesting artifact mod, which allows exotic weapons to spawn Solar wells upon defeating enemies.

This lets Guardians of all subclasses enjoy the benefits of Solar elemental mods like Well of Ordnance and Well of Life somewhat consistently without using a Solar subclass. Take note that Flame Harvesting has a short cooldown timer, and it only works off of double kills.

Sunshot is an exotic hand cannon that causes targets to explode upon death
Sunshot is an exotic hand cannon that causes targets to explode upon death Destiny 2

Recommended Loadout

Titans can get the most use out of Sunshot thanks to the Path of Burning Steps exotic, which increases Solar weapon damage after scoring Solar weapon kills. Pair this with mods like Explosive Wellmaker, Well of Ordnance and Font of Might to maximize damage and energy regeneration for all abilities when using a Solar subclass.

For players who prefer more well generation, use Bountiful Wells with Melee Wellmaker, Flame Harvesting and Explosive Wellmaker with the Ashen Wake gauntlets, Fusion Grenades and Throwing Hammer instead.

Subclass Setup

When using elemental well builds, it’s always best to use the appropriate subclass. However, Sunshot with Path of Burning Steps, Font of Might and Flame Harvesting is worth using for the damage buff and wave-clear potential alone. This opens the loadout up for Arc, Void and Stasis builds.

Solar Guardians don’t need Flame Harvesting to generate copious amounts of wells since most aspects and fragments are enough to sustain ability regeneration.

Using the mod on other subclasses, however, allows a different playstyle that is both hard-hitting and consistent, though at the cost of efficiency since non-matching elemental wells only give energy to the least-charged ability.