• Drang is a versatile sidearm that's effective in all game modes
  • The sidearm's range can rival that of most SMGs
  • Drang's high damage profile results in fast TTKs in the Crucible

The humble Drang sidearm may look weak, but it is actually one of the best guns in its class as of “Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted.” This pistol packs a punch that rivals many other primary weapons, and it can come with perk combos that no other sidearm in the game can have.

Both PvE and PvP players have something to look forward to when farming for or crafting a Drang of their own. The gun offers a bunch of cool perks that, when combined together, offer some seriously powerful synergies that can mop up enemies in Vanguard activities and the Crucible. Here are a few perk roll combos to look out for.

PvE Scorch Roll

As of Season 17, Drang is the only sidearm in the game that can roll with Incandescent, which is a very good perk when used with any Solar subclass. The perk detonates defeated enemies, causing them to spread stacks of Scorch onto everything in the vicinity.

This perk makes the Drang excellent for ability-spamming Solar builds, especially when used with Wellspring.

PvP Duelist Roll

In the Crucible, the Drang can stand toe-to-toe against SMGs thanks to its high base range. The gun can reach up to 19 meters with the Smallbore, Accurized Rounds and a Range masterwork, and its high damage profile can down enemies in about half a second if all shots connect to the head.

Drang can be a very effective close-ranged weapon when used with Eye of the Storm and Zen Moment as these perks increase accuracy and stability mid-gunfight. PC players may want to replace the latter with Rampage or Swashbuckler, though, since the perk offers very little for a mouse and keyboard.

The Hotswap Shieldbreaker Roll

Drang is one of the few primary energy weapons that have access to Disruption Break, which increases Kinetic weapon damage after breaking a combatant’s shields. This perk is amazing against enemies in Nightfalls, especially when combined with the Turnabout perk.

After breaking shields, players will get a boost to both their offensive and defensive capabilities through Disruption Break’s damage buff and Turnabout’s overshield. There’s some value to be had here for the Crucible, but there are better perk combos for PvP playstyles.

A Level 1 crafted Drang with basic perks and stats
A Level 1 crafted Drang with basic perks and stats Destiny 2