• Eye of Another World synergizes with all subclasses
  • Melee-oriented Warlock exotics benefit greatly from the Solar subclass rework
  • These exotics are expected to be even better once Arc 3.0 is out

The updates to Void and Solar made some subtle waves regarding the exotic gear options players have in “Destiny 2.” Some are clearly better than others, but there are a few that have gone under the radar despite offering some very powerful buffs and synergies with the reworked class abilities.

Here are four Warlock exotics that players should consider trying out again in “Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted.”

Eye of Another World

This helmet does two things: highlights priority targets and reduces the cooldowns of all abilities except for Supers. Target marking isn’t that useful in “Destiny 2’s” game types, but the cooldown reduction is extremely useful.

Eye of Another World increases the regeneration rate of grenades, rifts and melee abilities by 50%. When used with elemental wells and other energy-centric mods, players will be able to spam abilities regardless of subclass.

Karnstein Armlets

These classic vampire gloves are now tremendously effective at keeping players alive thanks to the new Void and Solar abilities. Dawnblades, in particular, can heal up with a literal snap of their fingers since Incinerator Snap has virtually no cooldown when used with the right builds.

The Karnstein Armlets also pair well with Void thanks to Child of the Old Gods feeding energy back to players as well as the Devour effect, which doubles down on the healing from kills.

The Karnstein Armlets exotic gauntlets for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The Karnstein Armlets exotic gauntlets for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Felwinter’s Helm

There’s a bit of a niche when it comes to Felwinter’s Helm. It releases a weakening blast after an enemy is defeated with a powered melee ability. Due to how quickly enemies die in normal content, this helmet is best used in difficult Nightfalls, dungeons and raids.

Finish off a single enemy with a melee ability and clean up the rest with empowered damage from weapons and grenades.

Winter’s Guile

Like the Karnstein Armlets, Winter’s Guile is extremely powerful when used with the Dawnblade subclass. These armguards can increase the damage of all melee attacks after scoring a melee kill by up to 630%. It essentially turns Incinerator Snap, Celestial Fire or even the normal Warlock slaps into nukes for a short duration.

Winter’s Guile is best used in high-density encounters like the Duality dungeon or most raid encounters.