• Warlock is the best class for providing buffs and healing to a team
  • Warlocks can be equipped to deal with large groups or strong single targets
  • Many Warlock exotics revolve around elemental damage

Warlocks can unleash devastating elemental abilities in PvE, making them extremely valuable members of any fireteam. With the right loadout, Warlocks can fill any gaps a team might have or provide invaluable support through their Rifts and Wells of Radiance.

There are plenty of viable Warlock loadouts out there. For players who want an idea of what to build for, here are some of the most effective Warlock gear combos for clearing even the hardest of PvE content.

Lunafaction Dawnblade

This loadout has been a mainstay for raids and dungeons ever since Well of Radiance was introduced. Lunafaction boots grant increased weapon range and reload speed to Guardians standing on a Rift. The bonus depends on the type of Rift used.

What the game doesn’t mention is that Well of Radiance triggers both of Lunafaction’s bonuses. This is great for melting raid bosses as the extra damage and improved reload speed can let players unload as many shots as possible in a short period of time.

Nezarec’s Sin with Graviton Lance

The Nezarec’s Sin helmet works great with any Void weapon, but for clearing large groups of weak enemies, Graviton Lance is one of the best options available.

Graviton Lance causes enemies to explode and spawn target-seeking Void projectiles, making it powerful against hordes of Thralls, Dregs or other similar enemies. These Void explosions then feed the Warlock’s Void abilities via Nezarec’s Sin, which boosts the energy recharge of all abilities after scoring a Void kill.

Ager’s Battle Harmony

A catalyst-empowered Ager’s Scepter trace rifle pairs extremely well with the Mantle of Battle Harmony, as the chest piece can continuously feed the weapon the Super energy it needs to keep its catalyst active.

Ager’s catalyst allows the weapon to fire a stronger beam of Stasis energy at the cost of slowly draining Super energy. Battle Harmony mitigates this by refunding Super energy after every Stasis kill. This combo can be further enhanced with armor mods and Stasis passives.

Sunshot Protocol

Phoenix Protocol can grant almost back-to-back uses of Well of Radiance when used in the right situations. Every kill while inside a Well of Radiance will refund Super energy to the Warlock. This effect counts kills from allies as well.

A weapon with Dragonfly or Firefly can help Warlocks make the most out of this effect, but as far as primary weapons go, Sunshot can provide the most value. Killing an enemy with Sunshot causes the target to explode, and this explosion can cause chain reactions, which will all serve to refund the Well of Radiance’s energy.

Warlock Shadebinders gain access to a variety of Stasis-based abilities that can freeze and shatter opponents at will Warlock Shadebinders gain access to a variety of Stasis-based abilities that can freeze and shatter opponents at will Photo: Bungie