• Hunters are preferred in PvP for their high mobility ability to dodge away from danger
  • Most popular PvP Hunter exotics revolve around improving the Dodge ability
  • Stasis Hunters are still dominant in the current season 

The Hunter class in “Destiny 2” remains dominant inside the Crucible for a variety of reasons. Apart from having access to the Dodge ability, they are also able to use a variety of exotic armor pieces that make them very hard to duel against.

Although skill is still the deciding factor on whether or not Crucible matches are won, equipment can make a large difference between players. Simply having an extra perk or two can help players win their matches more often.

Here are some incredibly useful exotic gear for Hunters to use in the Crucible.

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 will have players attacking Savathun's Throneworld The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 will have players attacking Savathun's Throneworld Photo: Destiny 2

Mask of Bakris

This helmet changes the Dodge ability into a fast-moving phase shift that can seriously throw enemies off. Players who love to win games via misdirection can have a great deal of fun with the Mask of Bakris at the cost of a longer Dodge cooldown.

Unfortunately, this can only be used with the Stasis subclass and its buff to arc damage after dodging is disabled in PvP.

Dragon’s Shadow

Plenty of Hunters can be seen using this exotic chest piece and with good reason. Dragon’s Shadow grants players a massive buff to movement speed and weapon handling on top of reloading all equipped weapons upon dodging.

This is especially useful for players who love to use shotguns as their secondary weapons. The increased handling speed can make even the most sluggish of shotguns draw extremely quickly while also receiving some extra movement speed to help close the distance faster.

Wormhusk Crown

Yet another dodge-centric exotic, Wormhusk heals Hunters after they use Dodge. This effect is plain and simple yet very powerful in the right hands, as it can create a false sense of security for other players. Good players will know when to retreat, heal with Wormhusk and counter-push the enemy to secure an easy kill.


With the dominance of Shatterdive in the current meta in “Season of the Lost,” St0mp-EE5 is a no-brainer for players who want to make the most use of the Revenant subclass. These pants will make Hunters jump higher, slide for longer and sprint faster.

A St0mp-EE5 Revenant with High Jump can gain enough height for an effect Shatterdive combo. Other subclasses can make great use of this as well since improved mobility can be used to make clever outplays against aggressive opponents.