• Hunters can fulfill different roles depending on the loadouts they choose
  • Revenants are great for clearing mobs and dealing damage to a boss
  • Lucky Pants paired with certain hand cannons can devastate even the toughest of enemies

The Hunter class in “Destiny 2” has access to some interesting exotic armor pieces that can help players deal ludicrous amounts of damage.

When clearing PvE content, having a Hunter on the fireteam can make boss encounters significantly shorter by virtue of the sheer firepower they can provide. However, players can also spec their Hunters into different roles such as ad-clear and support.

Here are some of the most effective Hunter loadouts in “Destiny 2: Season of the Lost.”

Destiny 2's Revenant is armed with an array of Stasis abilities that can freeze and shatter enemies for massive damage Destiny 2's Revenant is armed with an array of Stasis abilities that can freeze and shatter enemies for massive damage. Photo: Bungie

Hand Cannons With Lucky Pants

Lucky Pants received a significant buff this season. Instead of just automatically reloading stowed hand cannons, this exotic leg armor will now also grant hand cannons a damage boost that increases exponentially after each shot.

Technically, any hand cannon can do well with the Lucky Pants since its new perk is simply that good. However, the buff will only be active for a few seconds after drawing a hand cannon, which means that this damage bonus can only really be used against tough enemies like champions or bosses.

Sixth Coyote Nightstalker

Dodging is a key part of playing a Hunter, and players who know the true value of their class ability can easily see just how good Sixth Coyote can be.

This exotic chest piece adds one extra dodge charge to the wearer. Sixth Coyote is excellent for general purpose dodging, but it shines brighter when used by bottom-tree Nightstalkers, as they’ll be able to use their Smoke Bombs more often.

Nightstalkers with smokes can safely revive teammates or help the team reposition when they’re caught in a bad spot. This exotic helps Nightstalkers fulfill this role more effectively by granting them another Smoke Bomb when used in conjunction with Gambler’s Dodge.

Fr0st-EE5 Revenant

The Revenant subclass excels in controlling crowds and dealing AoE damage with their abilities, which makes cooldown reduction a very important stat to have. Among the Hunter exotics and mod combinations that can reduce ability cooldown, the Fr0st-EE5 exotic leg armor is arguably the best for Revenants.

These pants increase ability regeneration rate significantly while sprinting. When paired with the Whisper of Shards buff from the Revenant subclass, players will be able to spam their grenades, shurikens and Super with ease. This can be improved even further with certain armor mod combinations.

However, this loadout is a bit risky in high-difficulty content as staying exposed to enemy fire is extremely dangerous, even while sprinting.