Destiny Taken King
The latest "Destiny" expansion "The Taken King" is scheduled to be released on Sept. 15. It will include updates to ghosts and a new item for Xur as well as the new zone Dreadnaught. Bungie

As promised, “Destiny” developer Bungie has allowed Xur to introduce some new exotics that fans can expect with the latest expansion. The developer has unveiled a number of new exotic items as previously teased, including some new weapons and accessories.

The first of these exotics is the Empyrean Bellicose helmet for Titans, revealed over at the official DestinytheGame Instagram. According to the post, this item is one of the technologies for the Golden Age that can now stop bullets.

A new shotgun, dubbed the Chaperone, is also coming. This can fire a single slug shot and give an Agility boost. Handling, range, rate and stability of fire will all be briefly increased by precision kills using the Chaperone. Another exotic weapon that Bungie revealed is the Telesto fusion rifle, which can fire a projectile that latches on to enemies and explodes with a delayed Void blast. Orbs can also be obtained via multi-kills with the weapon.

For warlocks, the Alchemist’s Raiment allows Guardians to get glimmer by collecting Primary Ammo. When equipped with the exotic item, orbs that are collected when the Super is full allow recharging of grenades and melee. Other exotics that will come to “Destiny” include the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps as hunter gauntlets and the heavy fusion rifle Sleeper Simulant.

Apart from the new batch of Exotics, Bungie has also done the weekly reset of the week. But it appears that a majority of the experience will be a repeat of previous adventures for Guardians. With the “Destiny” servers now reset, there are now new activities that Guardians can dive into, Gamezone reported.

The Nightfall Strike will be The Will of Crota. Modifiers include Void Burn where Void Damage is greatly increased and Juggler so no ammo drops from equipped weapon. The Nightfall also features Epic so expect more aggressive and defensive enemies in flocks, while the Nightfall modifier will ensure that the Fireteam will return to Orbit once all the players die.

Heroic Strikes will feature The Nexus, which will take place in Ishtar Sink in Venus. Modifiers include Grounded, so players may want to avoid flying when at risk of being shot at. Prison of Elders feature Cult of the Worm for Level 32, Broken Legion for Level 34 and Skolas’s Revenge for Level 35.

Bungie will be revealing more about The Taken King expansion via another scheduled Twitch live stream. This time, the developer will take fans through some gameplay elements for the new “Destiny” expansion.

"Destiny" The Taken King video (Credit: YouTube/PochboyTV - Destiny)