Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant frequently deals with criticism over his perceived behavioral issues, but the NFL star’s recent act of generosity likely won over a few PlayStation 4 fans in Dallas.

The long-anticipated release of the PS4 occurred at midnight on Friday, and Bryant was ready for it, Kotaku reports. The 25-year-old reportedly showed up for a PS4 midnight launch party at a Dallas, Texas, Walmart store and bought new consoles for fans that happened to be camped out online.

Bryant’s generous act caught the attention of several onlookers, who took to Twitter to spread the word about the Cowboys star’s purchase. “So my friend was at [Walmart] for a PS4 and Dez Bryant walked in and bought one for her and four other people,” one Twitter user wrote. “Damn, [Dez Bryant] just bought whoever was in line at Walmart in Dallas a PS4,” another person wrote.

He also stopped to take photos with at least one Best Buy customer. “Respect [Dez Bryant] !! But we don't hear about positive stories like this about him or other media proclaimed "divas,”’ one fan said.

For Bryant, the positive publicity surrounding his decision to purchase the PlayStation 4s for fans is a vast departure from the usual storyline regarding his off-the-field behavior; the Cowboys receiver has endured a poor public image since he entered the league in 2010. Despite being the consensus best receiver in the 2010 NFL Draft, Bryant fell to the end of the first round due to concern over his personality.

Most recently, NFL pundits criticized Bryant after he appeared to scream at teammates on the sideline during the Cowboys’ Week 6 loss to the Detroit Lions. However, Bryant was “mic’d up” during the incident, and tapes later revealed that he was merely trying to inspire his teammates to mount a comeback.

In any event, Bryant’s PS4 purchase earns him some goodwill with NFL fans and gamers around the country.