• Legendary effects can be transferred from one item to another
  • Paragon leveling has been completely reworked into a more interesting system
  • Items can now be target-farmed from certain enemy types

The latest entry in “Diablo 4’s” development blog has revealed some very interesting and exciting changes that can transform how the series is played from here on out.

In Blizzard’s new post, the developer detailed a few key additions that it plans to add to “Diablo 4,” including a new NPC that can imbue items with Legendary effects. The Occultist can extract effects from Legendary items and transfer them into others, allowing for a completely new dimension of buildcrafting.

Transferring effects from one item to another isn’t exactly a novel idea as it’s been used in other titles in the past, but for a loot-heavy game like “Diablo,” it is a welcome addition, especially now that Blizzard is working hard to expand character depth in terms of build diversity.

Having the ability to transfer one Legendary effect to another means players will be able to spend less time grinding for perfectly-rolled Legendaries. This will also give low-level Legendary items from the early game higher intrinsic values compared to previous games since players will be able to dismantle them for future use. However, Legendary items themselves can’t be modified this way.

Diablo 4's Occultist allows players to transfer Legendary effects from one item to another
Diablo 4's Occultist allows players to transfer Legendary effects from one item to another Blizzard

Speaking of easier grinds, certain enemy types will now drop specific kinds of loot, which will enable target farming for legendary item pieces that players may be looking for. This eliminates a large portion of the RNG involved in item farming, but this could also lessen the overall gameplay variety in terms of enemy encounters and locations.

As the last of the new system changes for this blog, “Diablo 3’s” Paragon system will be returning but with a major twist. The new Paragon system will work similarly to the large skill trees in games like “Path of Exile” or “Wolcen,” but instead of sprawling branches, “Diablo 4” will feature multiple boards filled with nodes that have varying effects.

The Paragon Board, as it’s called, will let players earn small stat boosts as well as stronger effects depending on the type of nodes players invest in. Nodes (called Tiles) are separated into four categories: Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary.

As players earn normal XP, they will also earn Paragon XP that will reward players with points to invest in their Paragon Boards. Once a board is filled, players can pick and add a new board that they can connect to their existing one.

Unfortunately, “Diablo 4” does not yet have a concrete release date.