As America ushers out President Barack Obama and anoints Donald Trump the new commander-in-chief, Jerusalem’s mayor seemingly could not be any happier.

Mayor Nir Barkat, on the eve of Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., released a video condemning Obama’s work with Israel during his eight years and praising the soon-to-be 45th president Thursday night, the Washington Post reported.

“My fellow citizens, during the last eight years, the Obama administration has pushed for a settlement-building freeze, has surrendered to the Iranians and radical Islam and abandoned Israel to a hostile U.N. resolution,” Barkat said in the video’s opening seconds. “This week President Donald Trump enters the White House. Let’s all welcome him together as our friend.”

The minute-long clip, which can be viewed below, calls out the Obama administration for what many Israelis and Israeli supporters have considered failures.

During his tenure, Obama has agreed to a nuclear non-proliferation deal with Iran — which Israel vehemently opposed — and faced major criticism over his handling of the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq. And, most recently, the U.S. opted to abstain from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution that ultimately condemned Israel from building and expanding settlements on land the Palestinians say should be used to form their own state.

The settlement issue and Obama’s stance on it have been major sticking points throughout his eight years, the Post reported. Settlements in the West Bank were considered “illegitimate” and “an obstacle to peace.”

The video also comes a day after Reuters reported that Israel’s right wing was “eager” to see if Trump can help it expand those settlements, though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — who met with Trump before he won November’s election — was taking a wait and see approach with the new administration.

Barkat praised Trump’s stated intention to move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying such a potential move would convey to the rest of the world that “Jerusalem is Israel’s undivided capital.”