• Combat can be initiated by a single character without dragging the entire party into the fight
  • Always have a plan before starting a battle
  • Players can move their other characters while NPCs are conversing with another party member 

Every battle in “Divinity: Original Sin 2” can end in catastrophic failure. One wrong move on the player’s part can spell the end of the entire campaign, so it’s important to know every trick to prevent the party from getting wiped in a bad fight.

Here are a few important tips on how to come out of every combat encounter alive in “Divinity: Original Sin 2.”

Always scout ahead

While exploring, players can use one party member to scout ahead of the group while the rest stay a fair distance back.

If the scout gets spotted, the rest of the party can still freely move around without getting dragged into the fight. Use this opportunity to get them into advantageous positions to get the upper hand against the enemy.

Preferably, scouts should have the means to escape or soak damage. Movement skills like Teleport and Tactical Retreat are excellent for this role.

Use teleportation, mobility and displacement skills

Positioning is vital when it comes to tactical combat in “Divinity 2,” which is why mobility and displacement skills are held in such high regard.

Skills like Teleport and Nether Swap can turn the tide of battle in a flash. Use these abilities to put enemies in precarious positions, such as right next to a strong melee fighter or into a patch of burning oil. Players can also use Teleport to drop heavy objects on distant targets for some cheeky damage.

Be creative and use these abilities whenever possible.

Make pre-fight preparations

Sometimes, the best way to survive a battle is to not fight one in the first place. Skills like Persuasion and Sneaking can let players bypass fights entirely, and the Teleport skill often allows party members to reach paths that go straight through certain encounters.

Additionally, players can still move characters around even when one of them is engaged in dialogue with an NPC. Use this opportunity to get into position or lay traps for when the fighting breaks out.

Quicksave often

Like in most other RPGs, the Quicksave button will be the player’s best friend. Don’t be afraid to save before making a move and reload once things go sour.

Make a habit of saving before and during a fight to allow for quick redos and a bit of experimentation with strategies and tactics.

Divinity Original Sin 2's combat areas can become incredibly messy once battles start raging
Divinity Original Sin 2's combat areas can become incredibly messy once battles start raging Larian Studios