The Division ’s latest DLC features a new game mode called Last Stand, and we want to make sure you dominate against some of the best teams. This guide offers a rules overview, a build template and some tips to win matches.


The rules of Last Stand are a little complex, so we thought it best to go over them. In each match, two teams of eight spawn with AI and a map that displays three tactical locations labeled A, B and C. To hold each point, you must activate nodes at the location. The longer a zone is held and the more zones a team has, the more points they accrue. The match ends when time is elapsed or when one team reaches the point threshold.

Each of the tactical locations has two fortifications and a beacon that must be built using 250 credits each. Credits are earned via SHD tech gathered from dead AI or chests littered across the map. There are also two landmarks with a bunch of PvE foes and and an elite boss. 

At around the seven-minute mark, the situation changes dramatically. At that point, two tactical boosters appear on the map. One booster offers points for slain PvE foes, the other multiplies points for playing to the objectives. If you can get both of those, it’s possible to transition from defeat to victory very quickly.


One of the most interesting wrinkles of Last Stand is that all gear gets normalized in the mode. That essentially means the setup you choose is more tailored to personal preference rather than an established meta. That being said, the outline we’re about to give can vary based on your chosen style. We found that it worked out pretty well for us in the PTS and final version.

'The Division' Build 'The Division' 1.6 adds Last Stand mode, and it puts a lot more emphasis on builds over beta. Because all gear is normalized, you can pick any style that suits your needs.

LVOA-C: destructive, brutal, talented

Urban MDR: swift, brutal, distracted

Barrett’s Chest Piece: health, exotic damage resilience, ammo capacity

Ferro’s Oxygen Mask: 3.5 percent critical hit, 13 percent kill XP

Shortbow Championship Knees: skill power, blind/deaf resistance, disrupt resistance, burn resistance

Spec-Ops Backpack: firearms, skill power, disrupt resistance

Skull MC Gloves: skill haste, enemy armor damage, assault rifle damage

Gunslinger Holster: skill haste

It’s not really a skill-based build, but all the other additions in the set offset those weaknesses. Per our standard build guide from earlier this week, we still really like assault rifles in any PvE scenario.


Writing guides for multiplayer modes is always a bit touch and go because conditions can change rapidly, but here are a few tips to consider.

  • Start each match by immediately claiming the zone you spawn near and killing its AI to build your fortifications and beacon. After that, split the team between heading for the next zone and hunting for landmarks.
  • By the seven-minute marker, you should have either 2,000 or 4,000 credits to get the boosters.
  • Play the match depending on the booster your team gets. If you’re tied to objectives, keep doing those. If you get points from killing AI, emphasize PvE.
  • It may be tempting to focus on PvP, but, because there are so many AI opponents, you really need to clear them out first.
  • Coordinate with your team if possible. If there’s no audio, just play to whatever the group seems to be focusing on.
  • The best way to take down turrets is by using an EMP grenade.

The Division Last Stand Mode is available for season pass holders on Xbox One, PC and PS4. It’s accompanied by the free 1.6 update. For our full guide to 1.6, click here.

What do you think of the Last Stand DLC so far? Is it one of the Division’s best modes, or were you hoping for something more PvP focused? Tell us in the comments section!